Saturday, November 16, 2019

Punish Pakatan NOW to wake Mahathir up


Why wait three years to punish Pakatan, when we can do it now?


Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed has spoken when it comes to voters in the Tanjung Piai by-election in Johor. He has said that the locals should not shoot themselves in the foot by not voting for Pakatan Harapan just because they are angry.

He is, of course, also the chairperson of Pakatan Harapan. And he was at that time campaigning in Johor when he said it. He had been campaigining together with other members of his cabinet, such as Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Mahathir went on to say that if the voters act out of anger, they would suffer for the next three years till the next general election under the wrong candidate.

“If we reject the candidate who can serve us, because of anger or other reasons, we will be the ones at a loss. In English, they say don’t shoot yourself in the foot,” he said.

I guess Mahathir realises that his coalition faces a tough uphill battle in the by-election, for whatever reason. He obviously thinks that the voters there are angry and that this could be a cause for them to not want to vote for Pakatan Harapan, but for the opposition instead.

It wasn’t just him. His colleague Lim Guan Eng also said the same thing.

“If we fail to fulfil our promises in three-and-a-half years, it won't be too late to punish us then. But why vent your frustrations based on opposition slander? Three-and-a-half years. Surely you would not deny this opportunity to yourselves? You will not be punishing Harapan, but yourselves,” Lim (below) said.

Although they can sense that people are angry with them, they don’t seem to actually know what is it that they did to deserve the anger. In fact, it more or less seems like they actually don’t think they deserve it and it is all slander from the opposition.

So let me remind the Harapan leaders why voters might be angry with them. For you readers, do chime in the comments section if you have anything to add. But please do it objectively and professionally. No naughty and indecent postings please.

One of the most obvious reasons is that many Malaysians feel that Harapan, after being voted into government, has not fulfilled many of the promises that they have made. We can list down the promises, if they want.

The 30 percent women quota in the government, which they promised to fulfil, but after more than a year it still hasn’t been reached. The economy is still bad and the unemployment rate is still high. Let’s not even mention how religious and racial intolerance has not got any better.

Basically, many of the old grouses that Malaysians have been complaining about have not been addressed. It’s the same now as it was then. So, what is the difference who we vote for, right? It’s just going to be the same old same old.

Sure, there are some improvements. We can’t deny that corruption has been dealt with quite aggressively. Certain forms of transparency and accountability have also improved among the administrators. Yes, the media has seen some significant improvement.

But it’s not enough. It’s not enough because Pakatan Harapan promised us a whole list of things that they would do if they were voted in. We voted them in because they said that they would fulfil all the promises and not just a part of them.

What is not acceptable is once they are voted in, they start to say that their promises were a little bit too much and now they can’t actually fulfil them. In my books, that is akin to making empty promises and, basically, lying to us. Saying they can do something when they really can’t.

Even Mahathir admitted this a while back when he said that Harapan didn’t expect to actually win the election and take over the government. That was why they created the manifesto that they did. In their minds, they were going to lose, so just promise whatever, lah.

What they are saying is that - we didn’t think we would win so we promised you bullshit. So please keep quiet for now. Let us finish our term and don’t punish us right away. Just punish us in another few years when the general election comes about.

A few days ago, Mahathir even said during a press conference that if voters in Tanjung Piai voted for Harapan, then they will be able to fulfil their promises. But if they vote for the opposition, then all promises wouldn’t be fulfilled.

How do they expect us to believe that now when it has already been quite obvious that Pakatan Harapan are prone to making big promises that they can’t or don’t even intend to fulfil? And they expect us Malaysians to just take it sitting down? Come on.

Many people ask me if I actually prefer that the old regime comes back and take over the government. Of course not. They are the worst and I do not want them back in power, unless they totally change themselves to a party that I would agree with, which seems highly unlikely.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to just allow Pakatan Harapan to continue to dupe and con us. If anything, I would want to start punishing them now so that they will actually take notice and do something before it’s too late.

And the way to punish them, aside from constantly critiquing, is to show in the ballot box. Right now, the most immediate ballot box available is in Tanjung Piai. This just could be the right message to make them take heed. Hopefully.

ZAN AZLEE is a writer, documentary film-maker, journalist and academic. He had waited so long for a change in the system and he is not willing to settle for a half-past-six change. Visit to view his work


  1. You got this wrong. Punish Toonsie and Bersatu, not Harapan.

    DAP, PKR (minus Azmin and gang) and Amanah will be secretly happy if Bersatu lose. They also cannot stand the old man and his racist party, who is still stuck in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Get rid of him and the rest of Bersatu will crumble. DAP, PKR and Amanah only pura-pura go all out campaigning, that was why Toonsie himself spent two days in Tanjung Piai.

    So therefore a loss for Bersatu is a WIN for DAP, PKR (except Azmin and Zuraidah) and Amanah.

    But in the unlikely event of a win for Bersatu, DAP would be credited for being able to win Chinese votes. So either way DAP cannot lose.

    How can you lose when you are not even contesting?

    But vote for MCA? Why vote for a party that was useless when in power for 60 years just because the new party in power has been "useless" (by some interpretation) for 18 months?

    Best outcome for Malaysia is both Bersatu and MCA lose.

    Go Go Gerakan....!

    1. if you punish Pakatan in Tg Piai, who are you punishing?

    2. Stupid analysis or half-past 6 at best.

      If majority of Malays vote BN and the majority of Chinese votes PH, that is punishing Bersatu & Tun.

      If overwhelming majority from both races votes against PH that means they are punishing PH as a WHOLE. Not Tun, not Bersatu, not DAP, but Pakatan itself.

  2. So let's punish Harapan by voting for a party that was useless for 60 years when they in power (MCA) and who is supported by racists and bigots?

    Vote for Gerakan please. At least they had the humility and courage to quit BN.

    1. Gelakan is oso same like DAPig ma. Lasis oso. All china dominan paty in malaisia lasis. MCA is malay lakey thats wai it can win. Bolo punya olang.

  3. For all the analysis, today's the day! Wee will go WEEEEEEE with job when results are out

  4. If the Chinese are now comfortable with PAS-MCA Hudud and Islamic State, they can have it.

    Just don't cry AhChi-AhChor later, when it's too late.

    1. stop whining lah, wakakaka

    2. The Mudah-Lupa Chinese have forgotten that the Barisan Nasional Government actually listed the Hudud RU355 enactment on Parliament's official government business, and it is not at all clear the MCA or MIC ( Gerakan had Zero MPs wakakaka) would have defied the Government Whip when it came to a vote on the law.

      The only reason RU355 is not the law of the land today is because BN lost power on May 9, 2018.
      Are the Chinese ready to accept PAS Hudud now ?

    3. "Are the Chinese ready to accept PAS Hudud now?"


    4. QUOTE
      Punish Pakatan NOW to wake Mahathir up

      I prefer letting him go to sleep, he must be tired.

    5. tsk tsk, not nice [wakakaka]

  5. Actuaally, it is quite simple.

    Let me try to make PH understands.

    1) Economy is getting worse under PH. Let us face the reality. Abolishing GST is a stupid move. GST is used by more than 170 countries on yhis planet. Surely, it has merits.

    And price does not go down despite SST being reimplemented.

    2) Racist and anti Malay attitude. Ministers like Kula, Waythamoorthy, Guan eng are simply racist.

    Kula, Waythamoorthy just after the temple issue wasted no time and blaming the policy, thus inciting the Indians to go on rampage. Adib the firefighter was the casualty.

    And u til today AG is still not charging anyone. He is viewed as trying to temper wiyh evidence so that those blamed can be absolved. No wonders Malays have had enougj wiyh PH.

    AND can anyone blame the Malays for being upset. Tun allows TH assets removed and put under the purview of a SPV thay answers directly to Guan Eng.
    Tun must be a moron . Does ot he realise that DAP maintains " let malay screw Malay attitude". Yet he allows massive asset of TH to be placed under DAP's control.

    3) Anwae and Azmin are viewed by Malay muslim Community as homosexuals and therefore not " Umat Nabi Muhammad SAW

    4) NAJIB's FB

    People are reading his comments in FB. And he makes sense. NAJIB explains current economic predicament in simple language

    5) Popularity of Tok Mat

    He is viewed as the future PM

    6) PAS-UMNO ties

    This pact is a game changer. Many seats will be won by PaS-UMNO. As an example, Pokok Sena, Sg Petani, Kangar, Kulim, Tambun, Tg Malaim, Titiwangsa, Jerlun, Permatang Pauh, Shah Alm, Sepang, Hulu Selangor, Gombak, Muar, Hang Tuah Jaya, KUALA Pilah, Kuantan, Twmerloh will likely be won by PAS-UMNO

    1. But PH is still in power. GE15 is still a long way to go. At present Tun M is just too brilliant for a foe. For bad or for worst the Malays still have to accept and thank him.

  6. Let's not satisfy... Be steadfast in doing good... Strive for making others good then your heart will be lighten with faith and happiness... Until you die....