Sunday, March 04, 2018

Lim KS slowly destroying DAP

MM Online - In Perak, 38 leave DAP for PCM over discontent with Dr M alliance (extracts):

Former DAP Tapah liason committee chairman Richard Leong Soon Fatt (right) with PCM deputy president Datuk Huan Cheng Guan during a press conference in Ipoh March 3, 2018. — Picture by Pheong Kar Yu

KAMPAR, March 3 — Thirty-eight people from the Kampar and Tapah divisions resigned from the DAP after refusing to accept their top leadership’s decision to cooperate with former prime minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

The 38 were part of over 70 people who joined Parti Cinta Malaysia’s (PCM) newly formed Kampar division here today.

“There was a time where DAP would criticise Mahathir every day, calling him corrupt and a dictator.

“Suddenly they made an abrupt U-turn and they’re asking the Chinese community to do the same,”
PCM deputy president Datuk Huan Cheng Guan told a news conference at the launch.

The late Karpal Singh would never have done this. He was a man of principle, unlike Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng,” he added.

Says it all.

It's not just unnatural but most unprincipled for DAP to have a man like Mahathir as its coalition leader.

Today Mahathir calls the shot in Pakatan and the DAP has to kuai-kuai toe the line like what MCA is doing in BN.

Thus I am not surprise some DAP faithfuls could NOT accept that disgusting and humiliating alliance, and have now decided to leave. Lim Kit Siang has a lot to answer for his volte-face turncoat treachery to the DAP Faithfuls. Once my icon, Lim KS now disgusts me.

But I wonder why the former DAP members from Kampar and Tapah divisions join PCM which is just a clone of Gerakan (and I suspect, probably a Gerakan sleeper cum stalking horse).

PCM is a 101% loser, wakakaka.

Yes, PCM has been and still is a loser, thus I wasn't surprised when PCM lost in all its contested seats in Penang in 2013, with most of the candidates losing their deposits.

Even PCM has recognised its own monumental failure and loser status that it has already closed all its service centres in Penang.

Those erstwhile DAP blokes and lassies would have done better by joining PRM which will be contesting GE14 in Penang.

Alas, Zulkifli Mohd Noor has resigned from his PAP last week or I would have recommended joining the newly formed PAP (People's Alternative Party).

NST reported:

Zulkifli, who led PAP, a DAP splinter party since 2015, said simultaneously, all 25 of the party's candidates, who are supposed to be fielded in Penang in the coming polls, would withdraw from the race.

He said the decision was made after the party's secretary-general, A. David Dass, decided to form a new CEC and lodged a complaint with the Registrar of Societies (RoS) over infighting among members.

"So, officially, all of us decided to relinquish our CEC posts and leave the party following a crisis in the party's re-election last Saturday at Kelab PJ in Petaling Jaya.

"We found non-adherence to the party's constitution when the CEC re-election was only led by one single race," he told a press conference at Wisma PAP here today.

It is learnt that David, who was expelled as the party's secretary-general in 2016, lodged a complaint with RoS after claiming that his expulsion was invalid, prompting a re-election last Saturday.

However, during his presidential speech, Zulkifli announced his resignation along with nine other CEC members following dissatisfaction with David's move.

Elaborating, Zulkifli said PAP no longer stood any chance in the coming election after the party was monopolised by just one race.

"There is not a single parliamentary or state seat which is Indian-majority, hence there is no way PAP's candidate can win," he added.

Marginalised by DAP leaders who now prefer Young Turks and have forgotten a DAP old faithful like Zul, and now sabotaged by an Indian in PAP, I feel sad for Zul.

Zul spent 26 years in the DAP and in the 2013 CEC election obtained only 220 votes in comparison to 808 votes achieved by Ngeh Koo Ham, the last of 20 DAP members voted into the CEC, or the 1132 votes by Zairil Khir.

He has been a straight-talking hardworking DAP member for those 26 years who did not badmouth the DAP leadership during his membership days.

T'was only post 2008 when he showed his anger at being marginalised by his own party and giving winnable seats to PKR Malays.

This is the sort of loyal person the DAP needs, not f**king biadab-ish Young Turks who do not even understand the Chinese trait of kamcheng.


  1. all tis idiot shd have quit in 2016 when lge imply anyone disagree with the majority can leave the party, y take them so long, n when is karpal singh daughter going to quit? she can join pas non muslim supporters club to fight mahathir.

  2. Watch what people do more than what they say.
    Kangarooing over to Parti Cinta Malaysia, a Gerakan wannabe shows volumes about the mentality of those involved in the exercise.

  3. These Kampar DAP members who left belongs to an ungruntled group.I think they know that their preferred candidate will not be named as a GE candidate.So,they left.So they said,good riddance to bad garbage.

    Many can be unhappy with Dr Mahathir as PM candidate.Besides Dr Mahathir,who else have the credentials to be PM?Anwar or Azmin?If Anwar have the smarts to be PM,he would be the PM already.Azmin?He will be moving away from Gombak to a safer seat.Call this PM potentials?Wakakaka.

    All this Mahathir shit is sheer nonsense.Look,Mahathir is already 92 years young.Is he going to be PM till he is 192 years old?Come on,you guys.This the best excuse you guys can come up with?Two years of Mahathir as PM?Even twenty years of Mahathir as PM,I can live with it.No risk no gain,man.

  4. you can be a drama queen sometimes.. such an insignificant event and you make it look as though lks is crossing over to pas and moving in with hadi

    1. LKS' keeping bad company is what's driving members and supporters away. Mahathir is as bad as Hadi

    2. LKS is acting on issues but you keep emphasizing the company. Thought you are advocate of principle, principle & principle? Look more like you are a believer of Bush junior's "you're either with us, or against us"

    3. Outwardly that's the reason given by the mamak basher.

      Same strategy as those otakrosaks.

      The biggest reason is dedak lah.

      Choice candidate tak kena selected, means money income source jeapordised.

      The next best choice is to trap whatever comes along, as long as the monetary reward is current & ready.

      All others, be damned lah!

    4. Peter, Karpal's daughter Sangeet raised the question of principles in DAP today, saying "There may not be permanent friends or enemies in politics but there must be permanent principles" vis-a-vis DAP's current alliance with its age-old foe Mahathir. So" where is the DAP's principle in allying itself with such a draconian former PM?

    5. Wakakakaka……

      "DAP's principle":

      A) to form a M'sian govt for all M'sians

      B) never work with past enemies to achieve (A)

      U would most likely identify (B) as Karpal's daughter Sangeet stated principles in DAP.

      But what's so bad in 'principle', as u know it, to achieve (A)?

      Either u have a twisted sense of 'principle' or u just want to attack for the sake of attacking lah.

  5. Me think this maybe the last GE for LKS,TDM and AI. It's a last Do or Die battle for them.

    The young ones are going to replace them and continue the battle in future GEs.

    This time, somehow you can feel the pitch of battlecries is very loud among the PH and looks as if the country is in Armageddon if PH loses.

    It just shows the desperation among old timers politicians.

  6. Wakakakaka……

    Old timers politikus?

    Have u left out all those mfers on the current govt administration?

  7. Same Old, Same Old Fear Mongering which I heard in abundance in the days before March 8 2008.

    - Penang in the hands of a State Government opposed to the Federal Government will lead to loss of confidence by foreign investors, endangering Penang's industrial base, and jobs.

    - DAP and the others in Opposition have no experience in government, no more than riff-raff rabble. They will be disastrous in Government.

    - Anwar Ibrahim is a Malay Racist and was King of the Cronies just a few years ago. DAP is betraying its principles by being allies to Anwar.

    - Pak Lah is an inclusive moderate who has the Chinese community's interest in his heart.

    Susbstitude Mahathir for Anwar, and Najib for Pak Lah, and the same old arguments are being bandied around this time.

    There are a few buyers , to be sure.

  8. Zulkifli Mohd Noor was a square peg in a round hole in DAP.
    He never fit in, and frankly, many in DAP did not see him as any kind of asset.

    He could only win in heavily Chinese-majority seats which are steadfastly loyal to the DAP Brand. He was of no use to bring in any Malay voters.

    All in all...not an asset.
    In later years he was little more than a liability.

    1. So in DAP, a Malay that can't win a Malay seat is a liability and must be discarded? Got it.

    2. Wakakakaka……

      Thus the GREAT ONE says bn component members won on the seats with majority Melayu supports ARE liabilities and must be discarded?

      Got it!!??

    3. Why bring in BN all of a sudden? I'm just surmising what Monsterball wrote. Stick to the topic.