Thursday, March 01, 2018

Elephants galore

Star Online - Elephant strolls through school canteen in Sabah (extracts):

African elephant - identified by large size of ears 

Asian elephant - smaller ears 

KOTA KINABALU: The unexpected appearance of an elephant caused panic among teachers and students of SMK Telupid when it sauntered through their school canteen on Thursday morning.

Beluran police chief Supt V. Shivananthan said the incident, which happened at 6am, was the second case this year involving elephants trespassing into inhabited areas in Sabah's interior Telupid district.

"This morning, an elephant went into the SMK Telupid canteen in search for food, shocking students and teachers," he said.

elephant in schoolroom, Telupid Sabah

elephant in boardroom, wakakaka

We've often heard of the idiom 'elephant in the room', and wakakaka, the figurative has become the literal, at least in Telupid, Sabah.

BTW, 'elephant in the room' is a metaphorical idiom for an obvious problem or risk that no one wants to discuss. For example, today's politics on the Pakatan side has been extraordinarily mute on Mahathir's likely action(s) after GE14 if Pakatan wins.

It is indeed a subject no one in Pakatan wishes to discuss, au contraire they avoid it like a leper camp. Thus Mahathir's action(s) post-GE14 can be said to be the 'elephant in the room'.

The Malay language or Bahasa Melayu also has proverbs on elephants. I know of one, namely, 'Gajah sama gajah berjuang, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah'.

Do you know its meaning and how it may be used to describe our current political affairs?

ayam fck! 


  1. Yes, and Ktemoc studiously avoiding the subject of the elephant and hippo in the room.
    Equanimity anyone ?

  2. KPI rule#1 to dedak blogger - never ever mentioned elephant wrt pinklips affair.

    Otherwise, the hippo would have no where to hide lah!

    Wakakakaka……… u lupakan kpi tu ke?

  3. Interesting bit being played by the Indons.
    They obviously knew seizing Equanimity would lead to politically embarassing repercussions with Malaysia.
    But they have chosen to coordinate with the Americans.
    Najib must be working the lines with Jokowi over the last few days.


    Another "Me No Speeky Englander" case ?...

    This time it is Bukit Aman CID Chief.. RM 1,000,000 bank account in Australia...

    Polis Raja DiMalaysia...


    2. BULLSHIT.

      If it was legitimate funds, why was it paid in dribs and drabs at 5 diffferent bank branches in Sydney ?
      If it was REZEKI HALAL how come no effort was made to claim it back when the Australian government seized it ?

      RM 1 Million is more than what most people earn their entire lifetime.

      If the Bukit Aman CID Chief can afford to just shrug and say Tak Apa Lah,
      He must be Super Rich, by itself sufficient evidence for presumption of Corruption.

    3. What was informed was the account is used to fund his children's education and living expenses there, hence the steady inflow of money instead of whole lump sum which would indicate money laundering.

      And how sure are we that he did not seek legal recourse as we speak? Its his life savings dude. He sold of his house just to fund it, surely he will want his money back.

    4. if it's legitimate, he'll get it back. Aussies are quite fair on such things


      Thousands of Malaysians have dependents studying in Australia, myself included.

      The procedure to ensure legitimate funds to support their education go through without legal complications is well known, and the branch bank officer can clearly explain it.
      You need to declare the purpose of the funds in an official form, together with their official university enrolment record and the documents which state the fees required to be paid. I have not met any legal problems as described.

    6. Problem is, the funds transferred is now frozen and under investigation. To declare after the fact, will not work with the authorities. To fight it now, will be a legal exercise and the state has all to gain by appropriating the funds after some time.

      The recipient bank's procedure should be to inform the local bank doing the transfer and seek clarification from them, which wasn't done.

    7. Wa lau-eh…… TOTALLY terbalik the chronological sequence of event!

      Real blur-sotong surfacing le!

  5. Wakakakaka……many of us r been treated as born yesterday!

    1) don't look at the source of fund from the selling of the house lah. Look at the source of fund to buy that house in the first place!

    2) if remittances were done in one or two transactions, maybe it's OK. But remittances done with multiple small transactions & from different locations……… hahaha…… Joe M'sians might be ignorance BUT the oz investigation team is surely not amused!

    3) too expensive to contest the case in court? Perhaps if the case is going to court, more worm holes WOULD come out lah!

    Confiscated money - sak sak shiu lah. Can 'regenerate' easily in later 'operations'. Tapi if operation exposes NOW via court case exposé then that mine is closed!

    Wakakakaka……… not ONLY the Ozzie's r laughing at the stupid M'sians, after that no-speaking-english-mb moneybag, NOW the whole world is laughing for out igp's plain cover-up.

    1. Corruption in Malaysia is now on an industrial scale, where in the past it was a dirty secret, something done very quietly , in fear.

      Now everyone Gasak, without fear, from Big Napoleons like PM Najib, to mid-level Napoleons like the Bukit Aman CID Chief to little Napoleons.

    2. Just to be objective:
      1) A house in, say Bangsar, bought about RM100,000 then can easily sold for RM1million now, so it is plausible.

      2) When I studied in Manchester for 3 years, I would always get my funding for tuition and expenses in necessary amounts on a frequent basis. I never expected to get the money for my 3 year stay there in one lump sum.

      The rest I will not speculate.

    3. "my funding for tuition and expenses in necessary amounts on a frequent basis"
      Families may send their money 5 , 6 or more times over a year , that is not a problem.

      This case, where the money was parcelled into small amounts, paid into multiple bank branches, multiple times over a period of A FEW DAYS screams of MONEY LAUNDERING.

      I agree with the Australian authorities that these payments appear to be a cover for Illegal Activities, and subject to seizure.

      They are fair- if he can prove it is proper and legitimate, they will return it.

  6. Why I keep getting the feelings that there is a concerted effort in creating new acronyms by the usual commentators to add 'weight' to their old trashy line of thought le?

    To create a gung-ho choirboy team, so as to strengthen their 'arguments'???

    Perhaps, with the monotonous songs from the mom, his fans r migrating en masse to kt's blog!


  7. To be able buy a house @ RM100,000 in Bungsar it must be at least 40 years ago and if he can buy a RM100,000 house 40 years ago he has to be top 5& earners in Malaysia. He couldn't has been the IGB at that time right?

    1. Dia tu orang ada otak lembik.

      Sebab tu, tak bolih fikir lebih jauh dari bentuk di depan hidung le!

      Same class as those m40 nep blood suckers.

    2. Don't just look at Bangsar as a rich people haven as now. There are single storey houses that were catered to lower middle-class segments then, this is also seen at older parts of Damansara like Pusat Bandar, TTDI, Section 16/17.

      My friend's house at Puchong took just 8 years to go from RM250k to today's RM700k. He certainly wasn't a top 5 earners in Malaysia, just a salaryman like myself.