Saturday, March 03, 2018

Adopting American practice of humiliating people?

in Malaysia

Why have we copied the American style of humiliating remanded people by dressing them up in orange clothing?

Those blokes and lassies aren't convicted yet. This practice was not exercised before I went to Australia. Why are we sucking Yankee lollies?

in USA  


  1. It is like in Guantanamo. But they should be dressed that way rather than in what they like. They should be introduced to the public in that manner.

    1. Guantanamo is different from public life where only the guilty/convicted should be labelled through convict dressing

    2. Most that went to Guantanamo were found not guilty and released.

    3. Americans can be brave in many things but when it comes to foreigners or people they do not know they are unduly suspicious and fearful. Thus they treat every suspect as criminals and put them in orange dresses

    4. Naw. Americans has this default 1st impression mindset:

      White Americans & Brits - friendly
      White non-Americans/Brits - treat with suspicion
      Coloured Americans - criminal. Shoot on sight
      Coloured non-Americans - terrorist. Guantanamo lokap
      Hispanic Americans - significant voter base
      Hispanic non-Americans - illegals. To be deported

  2. Would Love to see Malaysian Official 1 in an orange suit.

    1. Monsterball has a Mahathir-ised KPI wakakaka

    2. Ktemoc really Sakit Hati every time I raise reminders of his Boss' Kleptocracy.

    3. 1MDB is a very serious ongoing Mega theft of funds belonging to the citizens of Malaysia, but Ktemoc is so blinkered by his extreme antipathy towards Mahathir that he simply dismisses it as Fake News.

    4. That dream is shared by a lot of M'sians le!

    5. Monsterball, from my training and experience, I have to disagree with your perception of 1MDB. Now, let me ask you, where is the criminal charges from DoJ, or from Singapore, or from any other countries for the money that have been laundered, huh?

    6. Two people have been sentenced to jail terms in Singapore for facilitating the financial transactions for the illicit 1MDB funds.
      The bank which conducted the illegal funds transfers has been ordered shut down by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
      The Swiss Banking Regulator FINMA has seized RM 400 Million from bank accounts traced to illegal 1MDB funds. The bank which conducted the illegal transactions and covered it up has been fined tens of millions of Dollars and ordered to make management divestments (i.e. firings).

      These countries Switzerland and Singapore are scrupulously not interfering in Malaysia's internal affairs. They prosecute for crimes conducted in their soil.

      Remember Khairuddin and Matthias ?
      They made police reports in Police Stations in Switzerland and Singapore, among other countries. After that, they became official police cases in those countries, impossible for them to ignore.

      Malaysian Official 1's actual criminal actions occured on Malaysian soil, but Malaysia Buat Tak Tahu.

      Refuse to see the Elephant and Hippo in the room.

    7. There are so many illicit money transactions/SBLCs using Singapore/American/Swiss Banks as conduits. Their CEOs/CFOs have been a corrupted conduits for illicit money flow for a very long time indeed. You are naive if you think Singapore/American/Swiss Banks are clean and shine. By the way what has happened to the Arabs in this 1MDB issue, huh? Not a word from you!

      As I can see it, 1MDB is kicking and living. There is no mismatching of its assets and liabilities. Its future business outlook is realistic and promising, with lots of new business and commercial activities and employment opportunities. With MRT/HSR complementing TRX and Bandar Malaysia, I can imagine the great future and potential wealth it is creating for the country.

      Monsterball, if you win this GE14, I challenge you to immediately close 1MDB, TRX and its related businesses and projects. Then, I want the public to realise/see that actually you and are a blood fake and a bigot.

    8. Wakakakaka……… 1MDB is kicking and living!!!

      What a humongous wet dream?

      Ouiiii…… if 1MDB is alive as u claimed to be, why pinklips' sidekick, Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah, also 1MDB chairman had reportedly announced that 1MDB would be shut down as soon its debts were paid off.

      In another words, after all the liabilities r transferred to the ministry of finance le!

      He kept saying decisions made by the 1MDB board of directors, including its closure, was made for the good of the country and people.

      "There is no mismatching of its assets and liabilities. Its future business outlook is realistic and promising, with lots of new business and commercial activities and employment opportunities."

      So, no fiscal mismatch erh……! Future business is a OK!

      Then, why do they keep insisting to close 1mdb down?

      U, as an outsider, know something those within the management DONT know?

      Yr training MUST be out-of-this-world, such that those "drs" within the management r no match lah!

      Or more likely, equally trashy!

      The public have ALREADY realise/see that actually u r a bloody fake & a bigot, who keeps on sucking the essences of nep to keep the B40 Melayu kindred poor & depending on hangouts.

    9. Wakakakaka……

      It's spelled 'gobemouche' with an e lah!

      Zombie blood sucker!

    10. Panama Papers made no mention of 1MDB despite the publicity. Why?

    11. Wakakakaka……… Panama papers time frame bila?

      Lagi, tau Paradise papers ke?

      Please lah, read more & do more researches before u fart. Otherwise, u r making a fool of yrself le!


    13. I concur with you John. I comb through the Panama list and there is no 1MDB, and almost all are with Chinese names.

      Why DoJ, the holier than thou WORLD JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, never care to probe? Because we can guess which banks facilitated the movement of money for sum total of hundreds of billions? They should close down all those banks, and confiscate the assets.

    14. Dungus shouldn't expose their ignorance by prattling about Panama Papers without any understanding.

      The Panama Papers were a massive leak of information from the office of a large law firm - in Panama - which specialised in servicing their clients on Tax Avoidance and Tax Minimisation schemes.

      It is very embarrassing to many prominent members of society to be exposed as Tax avoiders, but very few Criminal prosecutions arose from the Panama Papers.

      Most of these arrangements , like registering their holding companies in Low-Tax locales such as Panama and Cayman Island are actually legal.

      That's why they engage the expensive law firm to handle it in the first place - get it ?

      Income Tax authorities may have gone after some people to pay more taxes, but overall, hardly any criminal cases.

      Jho Low and Malaysian Official 1 had no need for Tax Shelters. They stole the 1MDB funds outright.

      Some of the Panama Papers funds may be illegal, others are well known individuals with known large business enterprises.
      If the funds were not used to buy US properties or used US Bank accounts, the US DOJ has no jurisdiction.

    15. Panama Papers are more than just about tax avoidance. Most legit companies that want to avoid taxes don't go thru Panama or Cayman, they do it in tax holes like what Apple did in Ireland. That Panama firm was used by powerfully rich people, people obviously like Jho Low, to hide illicit money. The same kinda money that would attract 1MDB if it were illegally obtained.

      So let me quote you on this: Please lah, read more & do more researches before u fart. Otherwise, u r making a fool of yrself le!

    16. Tax evasion evolves over the years.

      Panama or Cayman r the norms in the olden days until Ireland/Netherland find some loop holes in EU's recently adjusted monetary policies.

      That's when Apple comes in!

      At the moment such loopholes r only been used by companies with huge profit to avoid paying HIGH taxes, though small taxes r still been paid. Individual has no chance unless they channel their money via spurious operations (money laundering). This carry heavy penalties under EU laws. So not many super rich individual r gaming to take that risks involved.

      Comprendi?? Wakakakaka……

      Lagi, u tak tau apa tu Paradise papers ke?

      Or u buat tak tau via selective anemia?

      Bacalah dulu, then fart lah. Otherwise, u r INDEED making a fool of yrself le!

    17. Individuals don't channel their hidden money like what corporate do. They used traditional methods like Swiss/Panama/Cayman way.

      Yet with such sweeping revelations from Panama Papers, yet there's nothing mentioned about 1MDB? Not even a single cent? What does it tell you?

      Comprendi?? Wakakakaka……

      Lagi, u tak tau apa tu Panama papers ke?

      Or u buat tak tau via selective anemia?

      Bacalah dulu, then fart lah. Otherwise, u r INDEED making a fool of yrself le!

    18. Bagus, roll over now.


      Play death, boy!


    19. Wakakakaka………
      CK, again I applaud ur inane ability to say a lot but not say anything.

      Good job, boy. Good job, boy.

      Here's a doggie treat.

  3. Does anybody know why an islamic bank was slapped with abt rm27 millions fine by bank negara?