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The Janus Mandate

Continuing from my previous post Dr Mahathir reigns supreme ...

The word 'mandate' means several things - as a noun it can mean an authorization to act in a particular way on a public issue given by the electorate to its political representative, or in a Christian sense, an instruction by God.

As a verb, ie. 'mandating', it means to make mandatory or compulsory, where in some countries like Australia it is mandatory to vote (or suffer a fine).

It is in its verb form that is related to what I term as The Janus Mandate, or if you like, The Janus Necessity. Perhaps the word 'necessity' may be more appropriate but I like 'mandate' better as it not only sounds more serious wakakaka but also indicates the survival necessity of some in UMNO to possess the Janus syndrome.

But who or what is Janus?

According to Wikipedia, In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions, and thereby of gates, doors, doorways, passages and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past. The Romans named the month of January (Ianuarius) in his honor.

Janus has two faces as compared to Brahma who has four - BTW, guess who is our Malaysian political Brahma? wakakaka.

But let's leave Brahma for now wakakaka, and focus on the UMNO Janus'es, namely Najib and his ally, KJ (and to a lesser extent, Shahrizat).

During the recent UMNO AGM, it was undeniably difficult to promote 'liberal' policies in the face (excuse the pun, wakakaka) of UMNO rightwing screams, railings and demands and an ultra-runaway Ahmad Zahid Hamidi plus a sinister Muhyiddin who, in traditional veiled Malay barb aimed directly at Najib, warned about GE-14 (did he mean without the Sedition Act?), stating:

“If our situation does not get better, if the debates we have had, the talk of rejuvenation did not raise awareness, then we will see a 2% drop in votes and can only win 103 seats.

“Two percent is not much. I do not know if in the following general assemblies, I will even be able to address our president as prime minister any longer, what more myself as deputy prime minister.”

older than Najib but no doubt desperate to be PM before it's too late
rumoured to a Mahathir man

Even though he included himself in the warned future loss, that should be read as just a Malay subtlety to soften or veil his barb at his desired target.

So, notwithstanding the political-electoral fact that Najib as UMNO President made UMNO singularly the strongest political party after the 2013 general elections (putting aside the election failures of MCA, Gerakan, MIC and other BN kutu parties)he still failed to command the respect (or 'gratitude' wakakaka) of his party, what with someone wakakaka severely and constantly undermining most of his 'liberal' policies and intentions - that 'someone' has been right, that Melayu mudah lupa, even within the time span of just a mere year wakakaka.

Okay, let's re-examine what Najib had achieved in GE-13 to 
make UMNO singularly the strongest political party after the 2013 general elections?

TMI (31 May 2013) in its Umno emerged the strongest party based on GE13 told us: ... Umno winning 88 of the parliamentary seats in the election, from 79 in the 2008 general election. 

If compared with the opposition, they have 89 seats, meaning Umno alone can equalise the seats won by the opposition allies comprising DAP, PKR and PAS.

But where was it stated that a government elected under a Westminster democracy or any other democracy must achieve a two-thirds majority to be entitled to call itself a stable government, as Dr Mahathir had earlier insisted?

Indeed, given Umno's frightened realization in 2012 and early 2013 of the increasing electoral swing against it, explaining why Mahathir and his Perkasa went hysterical and pounded some of his own Wawasan 2020 ‘Challenges' to smithereens, no BN leader, not even Mahathir himself would have been able to achieve that impossibility of a win with the preposterous two-thirds majority in the 13th general election.

Yes, while Pakatan was making inroads in BN strongholds like Johor and Negri Sembilan, Najib and his team were quietly taking the back lanes and by-roads into Pakatan territory to successfully seize seven seats from PAS in Titiwangsa, Kuala Selangor, Pendang, Padang Terap, Jerai, Sik and Baling and eight from PKR in Balik Pulau, Bagan Serai, Kulim-Bandar Baru, Merbok, Machang, Ketereh, Tanah Merah and Hulu Selangor (won by PKR in 2008 though held by BN in a by-election).

It was then a significant 15-seat harvest for UMNO because it mitigated against the loss of 22 other seats to Pakatan.

Just imagine if he didn't succeed in the above, the final election would have been only 118 seats for BN versus 104 seats for Pakatan, a mere 14-seat difference or only an eight-seat majority to rule.

Najib also ripped back Kedah for BN, which surely would and should have earned the undying gratitude of Daddy Mahathir (but alas not, wakakaka), while holding BN's position in Perlis, Terengganu and to my utter surprise, Perak.

In wrestling back Kedah and holding off Pakatan in Perlis and Terengganu, he basically destroyed the putative ‘Northern Green Crescent' and isolated PAS to only Kelantan.

But, despite Najib's good GE-13 KPA, what could he or his ally KJ do against such a current UMNO rightwing swell? Probably his greatest sin was in not supporting Mukhriz in the latter's bid for a VP position in UMNO (but against his own cousin?). 

DAP sweetie Yeo Bee Hin, Selangor DUN for Damansara Utama wrote in FMT excoriatingly about KJ and Shahrizat possessing Janus syndromes in a piece titled UMNO: A tale of two faces, a syndrome no doubt shared by Najib when he reversed from his earlier promise to replace the Sedition Act with the Harmony Act.

sweetie Yeo Bee Hin in selendang
 guaranteed to send 'someone' wakakaka up the wall

Though their two-face back-flips no doubt make for very bad strategic public image, they have been necessary tactical sense, namely, ensuring their very survival in a feral and panicky party, for waiting in the wings with eager bloodlust and sharpened teeth have been Muhyiddin, Ahmad Zahid and Dr M's boy, ready to give any liberals (be they Najib, KJ or anyone else foolish enough to peddle 'inclusive' no-no's) a brutal mauling and consequential ouster.

Politically I can sympathize with (though not support) the UMNO liberals in their gambit to 'buy time and space', thus I find it quite humorous and undeniably a bit rich for the mainly Chinese public, who have thus far refused to support Najib, to berate him for not keeping his promise about repealing the Sedition Act. They might as well ask Najib to commit suicide, political suicide that is, wakakaka.

Despite the hostile environment, I have to say Najib was brave enough to warn UMNO against marginalizing the Chinese.

It may be worthwhile reminding us of what Zaid Ibrahim said post GE-13.

Zaid Ibrahim, who was former UMNO law minister who resigned from his ministerial position in protest over the draconian detention of Teresa Kok (Pakatan MP), Raja Petra Kamarudin Petra (Malaysia's most famous blogger and political activist) and Tan Hoon Cheng (a journalist in Sin Chew Daily) in 2008 under the Internal Security Act (ISA), said of Najib:

"As a former colleague, I know him to frown on combative politics. He was always more interested in placating and pleasing, but this will not do when dealing with Umno extremists. He tried hard to please them by putting Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin up as election candidates.

"Sometimes his speeches to an Umno audience bear the same uncompromising trademarks that peppered former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Ibrahim's speeches - even Najib's oratory style has been modulated to sound fiery. But I for one still think he has real concern for national unity."

To be continued .....


  1. Make sure you understand the Sub--text of Ktemoc's long-winded article.....

    Support for UMNO

    1. such a childish low brow take on my posting

    2. Moderate him out KT. It is Bruno misusing his idol's moniker. Hehehe.

  2. The assumption that it is mainly Chinese who refuse support to Najib is incorrect.

    A very large number of Malays (including myself and most of my social and family circle) as well as Indians voted for Pakatan Rakyat. The only reason BN/DUMNO is still in power is because of the built-in electoral boundary system which assigns overwhelming weight to "Rural Heartland" seats.

    Theoretically , UMNO could stay in power with as little as 40% gross popular votes. However, even in rural areas, DUMNO/BN doesn't get to win all the seats, so its position is more precarious than you might imagine.

    1. I wasn't referring to entrenched political party members or supporters, was referring to the general public who only commit themselves on polling day - admittedly I should/could have made this point clear.

    2. Even among the general public, who are not beholden to specific political parties, many Malays will no longer vote UMNO.
      These tend to be in urban areas, so unfortunately the "Rural Gerrymander" works against urban Malays as well.

    3. Jambu

      Your assumption is not true. Many Malays like me will still support UMNO because we have no choice. BTW, are you really a Malay?

    4. Constitutionally, yes, I'm a Malay, ethnically I'm mixed blood, and I've lived part of my life outside Malaysia.
      UMNO has been kicked out of most Malay-majority urban seats. So...plenty of Malays no longer support UMNO.

  3. All the talk about UMNO "losing" in the coming GE or GE's are just red herring- UMNO can NEVER lose. One Putrajaya is equivalent to 6?7? Klang, and you have so many other examples, you do the maths. As long as the present system remains, UMNO is SAFE, unless the heartland some how sees the "light"......

  4. Poor sod....3 people only read your blog shy lah...I also becoming shy to visit your blog

    1. I publish this worthless trash only to show Monsterball's low class clueless comments, wakakaka

  5. thanks for being an apologist article for najib.
    its tactical but if Anwar does the same thing, i am sure the script will be very different.
    guess, different strokes for different people, KT hor?
    so, whats the dif?

    1. eat this and stop talkinng cock


    2. Its really, really revealing about this MOTHER OF ALL HYPOCRITES that he needs to go all the way back into Ancient History March 2010 to find anything remotely resembling a fair comment on DSAI.

    3. what is far more revealing has been that anwar has since done fuck-all for me to defend him wakakaka. Do you really expect me to defend him for Satay or the politicized hijacking of Bersih 3? wakakaka

  6. tokio-rain,

    I will ask my old mate and your best teh tarik buddy,with his huge monstrous gigantic balls to sit on your face,if you kept on making fun of him.That will make you a very happy man and wishing you will have more lots of time with the "monster".Hehehe.

    1. Wah, stay up until so late ar? By the way, your neighbor asked me to tell you not to let your bitches pee on his car tyres anymore ley. Sports rims all rosak already. hehehe.

  7. Kaytee,honestly speaking,GE13 was PR's best chance of wrestling power in Putrajaya.If Manmanlai and his dwarf did not screw up in Sabah,who knows?Maybe Jibby's boys might be shoe shinning at the train stations or bus stops by now.

    Come GE14,and Umno with its minnows Mca,Gerakan and Mic will no longer be pushovers.If PR cannot kick Umno/BN's asses when they are very weak and begging to be kick out,how can they face Umno/BN in GE14 after they have consolidated power this last few years,except to get humilated and get a nasty spanking.

  8. tokio-rain,

    sports rims rosak boleh tukar baru,lah.If my bitches decide to take a bite at your bolas because you make fun of them,then susah lah.Mana boleh tukar bloas baru,lah.Hehehe.Maybe your teh tarik buddy boleh substitute his monstrous bolas for yours..

  9. You fave. commentator Monsterball may be crude....but they may be some truth to what he wrote here...

    There is a sub-text to your article that Najib is a decent PM and UMNO President, who unfortunately needs to do a balancing act between his moderate nature and the Race supremacists in his party. If he has to occasionally please his right-wing we need to sympathize with him and be forgiving.

    And...oh...the Chinese were badly wrong in refusing to respond positively to Ah Jib Gor's overtures e.g. Dong Zong and his Na'aji speech.

    Unfortunately I don't buy that logic.
    Its the same logic that the Chinese who voted for BN /UMNO applied for decades, acting as self-apologists for a succession of UMNO leaders - just substitute Mahathir and Badawi's name for Najib.
    xxxxx is a good bloke, just can't help that he has to feed his Right Wing now and then.

    Only in 2008 that so many non-Malays finally woke up that this was an exercise in self-delusion.

    1. my main point has been: those who refused to support Najib, while within their democratic rights to do so, shouldn't be surprised nor complained about Najib not proceeding with the repelling of the Sedition Act

  10. Kaytee,mandate,apa mandate lagi?Manmanlai had his Datuk Seri title stripped naked by the Selangor sultan.What a way to go down with a sinking ship,for a man never destined to be PM.

    1. if I were anwar I wouldn't worry too much about it - besides he still has several datukship to his name.

      Incidentally I wonder whether Khir Toyo had his datukship stripped off too? wakakaka

    2. PR leaders should not pursue datukships.
      This is the badge of the old BN bodek-system.
      Lim Guan Eng has done right to remain plain old "Encik"....

  11. Wow. Another ground breaking opinion piece. Very thought provoking. You should have it framed and hung where everybody can read a public toilet. Hehehe.

    1. many a great and illuminating piece/philosophy have been read on public toilet walls, wakakaka

    2. Sorry bro. That piece was meant for bruno and his lame comments. My bad. Wont happen again.

    3. no worries, besides what I've said is the truth, wakakaka

    4. The truth and Ktemoc live in different worlds....