Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The fantasy of Anwar Ibrahim?

It's the usual kaytee 'methinks'.

I appreciate Anwar Ibrahim must be downright disappointed by Pakatan Rakyat not winning majority rule in the recent general elections, more so when he had vowed to retire if his side didn't win majority rule. And it's a vow he has recently backtracked from, citing he still has mucho "unfinished work" to be done.

For nearly 15 years, this man has waited for his moment, to fulfil what he believes to be his destiny, to become PM of Malaysia.

But alas, time and time again, fate (and elections) failed him. Did he make the vow to retire in an optimistic belief that surely this time, fate couldn't be that cruel again and he would triumph?

He is obviously and totally dismayed and demoralized by the outcome of GE-13, and his defiant stand finds sympathies nationwide what with the public lack of trust in the EC's integrity and impartiality ...

... aggravated by the Commission's lack of professionalism, for example, in the so-called indelible ink affair, with the Chairman and his deputy not only making implausible excuses but constantly changing them - eg. from the initial 'staff didn't shake the bottle properly' to 'deliberate dilution of the ink's indelible properties to meet Islamic ablution requirements' (if so, then why bother with the indelible ink when by its dilution the EC has deliberately make it not indelible?) to the most idiotic of all, that 'the erase-ability of the so-called indelible ink didn't matter as the voters won't be able to vote the following day', etc - and that's only one of EC's numerous problems with its lack of professionalism.

this would have been more indelible

Nonetheless, I do have concerns with Anwar's rolling series of Perhimpunan Blackout 505.

The first at Kelana Jaya was a success and I believe the message or point to be made on Pakatan's disagreement, dissatisfaction and disgust with the conduct of the polls has been made in a very powerful and inescapable notice.

But like all good things, overdo it and the powerful message will lose its impact. Along the way, earlier sympathies gained will gradually or even swiftly leached away, leaving behind growing irritation at the rallies. 

PAS has indirectly shown its disenchantment with Anwar's style of protests in Harakah's Blackout 505: PAS serah kepada negeri where its top leadership has diplomatically left participation to the discretion of the party's state leaders, meaning PAS central leadership doesn't support it. It's obvious Pak Haji is distancing himself from Anwar's continuing protest rallies.

how Anwar thrives on attention in "hero-activities"

Methinks' time:

Kaytee personally believes that even in a hypothetical situation of Pakatan Rakyat winning majority rule with Anwar Ibrahim made the Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim will still be holding protest rallies.

But of or about what, you may ask?

About anything, because I reckon Anwar thrives on such activities. Maybe he will muster a protest rally against eco-Nazies for protesting against modern developments and neo-Luddites for industrializations  or ... well, almost anything?

Anwar has been involved with protest rallies since his university days (which are best forgotten) and in Baling for the farmers when he was in ABIM, which Wikipedia posted as:

In 1974, Anwar was arrested during student protests against rural poverty and hunger. This came as a report surfaced stating that a family died from starvation in a village in Baling, in the state of Kedah, despite the fact that it never happened.

... despite the fact that it never happened, wakakaka, but that's Anwar who thrives on protest rallies.

I suspect, apart from the political motives, his enthusiasm for protests rallies may be a form of hero-fantasy cum narcissism.

His most notorious one was being accused of hijacking Bersih 3, on which Dina Zaman wrote in The Malaysian Insider’s The Bersih that wasn’t as follows:

Bersih 3

But now I see videos of protestors breaking down the barriers and committing acts of violence. And yes, while the police showed more restraint this time they were behind some of these as well. Al-Jazeera journalists reported via Skype that their equipment was smashed by policemen to prevent them recording some of these acts of violence.

Despite suffering from the teargas effects I myself have not the spirit to summon the moral indignation I would like to have, because although they should have done so lawfully I cannot blame the police for taking action against violent protestors.

What can we Malaysians expect post April 28 2012? With a video circulating showing that Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali had ordered the Dataran breach, this does not bode well for Pakatan and the rakyat. This is a massive public relations disaster. The average Malaysian like me can only tear her hair out.

And now we are told that the duo were signalling to the police. What is this — Tonto and the Lone Ranger?

As I said on Twitter all this resembled a Hindustani film. Throw in a tree and a pair of sarees and we'll have a great sandiwara.

Methinks Anwar Ibrahim suffers from more than a wish to become PM through normal election (democratic) process, though of course there is definitely that.

I hypothesized he entertains a fantasy, one where he leads a rousing cheering adoring crowd of hundreds of thousands who will storm Putrajaya with him, garlanded of course and lifted onto their adulating shoulders, to become the head of the nation.

Did I mention hero-fantasy and narcissism?


As he confesses to be an avid reader of Shakespeare I would even imagine him "refusing" thrice their appeals for him to be head, and only relenting finally (but of course, wakakaka) to accept the post.

You all did see that on the Lupercal

I thrice presented him a kingly crown,
Which he did thrice refuse: was this

- Mark Anthony in 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar’, Act II, Scene 3

Whoa man, have just read FMT's BN will be toppled this year, which undoubtedly must be music to Anwars' ears, wakakaka, though I have to say I'm a wee shocked by Brother Haris' declaration.

Please read this also - FMT Haris: I’m not propagating violence

Haris Ibrahim, a true Malaysian


  1. How about Din Merican's view on the election cheating. Do you still really believe you can really win through the "normal" way


    Have you ever wondered when you watch this ending? Are you fucking Lt. Colonel Nicholson or what? What the fuck you do? Madness! Madness!


    1. and after you have overthrown the BN government by force and install a whatever, then what?

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrEJBsWLfA

      Just watch & learn

  2. We must condemn a change of government by way of force. If haris wants this, let us die fighting among ourselves. Haris is invoking may 13 and so be it. Kurang ajar haris.

    1. Ellese, please read this UPDATE, where Haris dismiss any form of violence - https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2013/05/14/haris-im-not-propagating-violence/

    2. Ellese you are a liar!

      We Malaysian must condem liars. This is what you say, only an evil person could think of such things and imagine of such events. Same like Ibrahim Ali, asking Chinese to stock up food. You are the same as Ibrahim Ali.

      I have never heard Haris Ibrahim say anything that you mention.
      Ellese, engkau ni penipu.

      Menipu itu dosa.

  3. Kaytee,
    What the Fuck are you going to say about this?


    So BN can win by cheating, we must hold on to our ideals. To what end, you fucking hell never believe in God. Can you fucking save Perak?

  4. This post is more accurately titled The Fantasy of Ktemoc.

    No doubt Anwar Ibrahim is a fighter who often skates on thin ice. All Opposition leaders do, otherwise they are unfit to do the job. That's also why all the BN leaders are bloody useless at playing the role of an effective Opposition when voters send them into that situation.

  5. Its for good reason I call Anu-war and his gang Fuckatan Riot.
    When they fail to get what they want by legitimate means, turn to the streets.

    A word of friendly advice to the DAP Chinese - stay off the streets.
    Ordinary Malays have a fair bit of tolerance for the antics of Anwar and his street politics. Many may see it as just a difference of opinion between fellow Malays. Unpleasant but no big deal.

    There is, however, zero tolerance for street violence by Chinese.
    Stay off the streets if you don't want to see dead Chinese bodies.
    Don't forget the lesson of yesterday's anniversary.

  6. When to remove a corrupt government is the motive force of the 54 percent of the voters/electorates, it appears to me that there is justification and public interest in the rallies. It will be and shall be a peaceful rally which would not relapse into the mass psychosis of Naziism or Islamism or racism unless the people in power deem it and want it to be. The mass society just want to stand up and be counted and to be heard... methinks!

  7. Brother Haris we need you cool. Today and forever....Stay

  8. I want to shout to both BN and PR :" Apa lu mau?! Election sudah over! Mula kerjalah! Bodoh!"

    I must agree that Anwar is a political animal. We have Nurul, we don't need him anymore. She may not yet as charismatic as her dad but she has more sense than him.

  9. Meanwhile It seems that Hisham is going to be home minister. Whose fault would it be

    wait a fucking minute


  10. Aiya ... KT Boy ...bashing Anwar Ibrahim again ?
    Listen to Ahkong... we need Anwar Ibrahim now to unite PKR, DAP and PAS now... without DSAI , we wont have PR, as simple as that.
    Until PR forms the federal government, we need AI!

    And considering the injustices and suffering AI had gone through, don't you think he is a changed man compares to his Amno days ?

  11. I voted for PR.
    The Election is over, and I've gone back to work.
    If BN doesn't carry out real reforms,it will be gone in GE14.
    Even the rural folks can't be fooled all the time.

    PR needs to focus on building on governance in Penang and Selangor, more cohesive policies instead of PAS, DAP and PKR threatening to collapse every now and then. Chip away at BN's rural deposit.

    No more street rallies.

    1. Anon,
      It can be gone mah! Just eat this shit!


      Resistance is futile. Stay in Aussie la

    2. Kaytee must be very happy with this


      Will we see the end of BN? Never so long we have this attitude. To this, watch this youtube


      Wrong people includes Anwar Ibrahim

      To Kaytee, Anwar Ibrahim should not have been born.....The scorn of the universe

      WHY? Because he screwed my sister's cat nong nong time ago

    3. Another kaytee WET DREAM comes true


    4. any delineation exercise requires a 2/3 parliamentary approval. BN doesn't have that and is desperately trying to evoke the "Malay Unity" exercise or scam again, to get PAS' 20 seats to give a BN-PAS bloc a 153 (>2/3) majority

    5. Ktemoc,
      Please read your constitution carefully.
      Additional seats delineation requires 2/3 majority but redrawing boundaries only requires a simple majority.

  12. Kaytee,
    If BN can rig the election, you think they can't suka suka redelineate the constituency. In fact, they have already done it over & over & over again. When are you going to wake up? They don't play by rules or wait a minute they are the rules.......


  13. Another wet dream for Kaytee.....Karpal says no street protest......


    Of course, kaytee has forgotten about this song


  14. Waytha Moorthy : from fugitive to Deputy minister.
    Khairy : from cold storage to Minister.

    1. Judas has his 30 pieces of silver

    2. It will be interesting to see the chemistry between Waytha & MIC people. And what happened to the trillion dollar lawsuit with Britain?

      And the reaction of Dr M who got snubbed with Khairy becoming a full minister.

  15. Kaytee,
    Now our great Najib has come up with his truely transformed cabinet. Except Anifah not even one single sabah & sarawakian held important ministeral posts such as Defence or Home. Jialat liao


  16. looes74,

    Pourquoi tant de colère et grossier?

    Chill bro..

    1. c'est sa nature, wakakaka

    2. Attention! Je pense donc je suis. Comment supporter l'insulte surtout d'un homme appelé ktemoc!!!!

  17. i am now very envy of the indian especially those from hindraf, they deserve the glory.

  18. Hail to the new Mandore...Waythamoorthy...
    He deserved it...Deputy Minister woh...don't play-play ha....

    Just goes to prove, in Malaysia you can still aspire to anything you want to be, if you are willing to work hard for it....Hahahahaa...

    Datuk-ship coming soon....

  19. French revolution......Unlike you, fucking cb kaytee who loves stability



  20. Napoleonic code which is established over europe is based on french revolution......Kaytee


  21. looes74,

    Please don't forget the French Revolution was followed by la Terreur or popular known as The Reign of Terror which was well established that it was a period of violence. BTW when you learned French didn't your French teacher mentioned about Madame La Guillotine?

    1. Well, all revolution would always need to shed blood one. Where got smooth transition one? Particularly when BN has so much to lose.

      The point is if the other side doesn't play the standard rule, why do you need to play by his rule?

      It's akin of putting worms into your arsehole. Kapish!

    2. Dear looes74,

      Thomas Jefferson wrote: “Is uniformity attainable? Millions of innocent men and children……….. have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned; yet we have not advanced one inch toward uniformity. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one-half of the world fools, and the other half hypocrites.”

      I think it would be better to stay in Singapore. It would be less stressful for you my friend. Capisce? Kafkaesque?

    3. Frankly, I hated those who never reveal their names. They are cowards. Hence you are one fucking coward

      How did American become independent? Through revolution. How did Lincoln stop American from splitting up. Through war.

      It would be great if power can be transferred peacefully. Unfortunately, it seldoms happen. It's better to be prepared

    4. Brother looes74, even you did not reveal your true name, so you too is a fecking coward.. tsk..tsk..tsk.. wakakaka

  22. I must admit I'm really impressed with Dear Leader's new Cabinet.
    The Best and The Brightest, to borrow the term used for John F. Kennedy's brilliant Cabinet.

    - Tengku Adnan Mansor - Correct, Correct, Correct, Goblok
    - Zahid Hamidi and KerisHisham swapping portfolios.....Dumb and Dumber...not sure which one is which.
    - Tajuddin Abdul Rahman - "Six Million Dollar Man"
    - Waythamoorthy - Hero of the Tamils, or was it Judas...?
    - KayJay - wow ! that's one hot superstar - just make sure he doesn't revert to his Keris-wielding days
    - Paul Low - what's he gonna do - stare at his fingernails ? - while Najib continues to award Mega Projects to his Golfing Partner and sundry cronies ?

    1. Plus KJ is just a sport & youth minister

      But then wait a minute, kaytee would come up with a fantastic theory that Najib would gain the upper hand

      Wanna bet?

    2. Tajuddin Abdul Rahman - is this the fella who challenged Kulasegaran to a fight and called him a bastard?
      From Hansard of 5/11/2008 : after some remarks from KulaSegaran :
      Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman [Pasir Salak]: You don’t ask for trouble, you know. This is become personal.
      Tuan Pengerusi [Datuk Dr. Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat,
      kalau personal, dekat luar, Yang Berhormat.
      Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman [Pasir Salak]: Ya, suruh dia keluar sekarang.
      Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman [Pasir Salak]: Ini kurang ajar. This is bastard. He is bastard.
      Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman [Pasir Salak]: You are bloody bastard!

    3. KJ was selected by Najib for 2 things : to assert his independence from Mahathir, and maybe as counterweight to Mukhriz.

  23. Peace Harmony Stability11:06 am, May 16, 2013

    As a May 13 (1969) survivor, I value peace, harmony and stability above all else.
    That is why I continue to vote for BN, and I cannot accept the bunch of troublemakers called Pakatan Rakyat taking over the country.

    I'm not unaware that there are concerns with corruption in BN, but ultimately, I value the credibility BN has built up all these years.

    I don't work for the government, I don't benefit from any government contracts or handouts, but I'm very aware that the racial makeup of this country can lead to very dangerous situations if we don't strive to cool any tensions.

    What Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat are instigating is very, very dangerous.

    1. Right.....Just like the frenchies who continue to adore their kings till when it hits the stomach

      Viola! French Revolution!

  24. The biggest risk in the aftermath of GE13 is not Anwar Ibrahim.
    Its PAS. UMNO will be trying very hard to Buy itself a 2/3 majority, so that schemes such as carving out additional UMNO safe-seats can be carried out.

    Theoretically it can still be done, only with agreement by Pakatan, but UMNO will not stoop to negotiating with PR.
    The most likely candidate is PAS and its on-again off-again "Malay unity" courtship.

    I must admit many of my fellow Malays have a wish somewhere in the background for Malay unity, but many are also aware the price for UMNO-named terms is too high in moral terms.

    1. Well, my friend. UMNO can just change the rule without 2/3 majority. Wanna bet! Why kaytee is aboding in Aussie land

  25. Kaytee:

    "Judas has his 30 pieces of silver"

    Just like everything else he writes Kayetes has no appetite to do the real work of ascertaining truth from fantasy. Like a typical china man he will twist and bend to his liking.

    It is about time he reads The GOSPEL OF JUDAS and let the horse speak for itself.


    Lost Gospel Revealed; Says Jesus Asked Judas to Betray Him


    1. Whatever lah....no need to split hair....many aware of gospel of judas. I believe the blogger is just using a shortcut expression to convey betrayer for $$$$. If not mistaken, I remember it was this very blogger himself who posted a rather enlightening piece re the Gospel of Judas to in another blogsite in the comment section. Better put a lid on that nauseating bigotry of yours. So there's no need for that snide "DAP Chinese would", "typical china man".......

    2. Whatever lah....no need to split hair....many aware of gospel of judas. I believe the blogger is just using a shortcut expression to convey betrayer for $$$$. If not mistaken, I remember it was this very blogger himself who posted a rather enlightening piece re the Gospel of Judas to in another blogsite in the comment section. Better put a lid on that nauseating bigotry of yours. So there's no need for that snide "DAP Chinese would", "typical china man".......

  26. I believe Haris is right. There is no way that you are going to dislodge BN through conventional way. Come to think about it. How LKY screwed Tunku left, right & centre

    By joining hands with the communies & tui laming them thereafter. This is called political expediency.

    Of course, kaytee would sell the idea PAS may join hand with UMNO. Plausible. But then can certain melayus stomach the talibanic style of governance.

    Kaytee offers no solutions. Subtlely, he opts for tried & tested method.....That leads to no where

    During french revolution, some french thought that France would be vanquished instantly. So was Russia. But then history said otherwise.....I would rather take up action now.


    1. tunku was one greatest malay and malaysian, it is lky n shit chinese like u which is the problem.

    2. Tunku indeed was a great man.....but definitely not without flaws and I don't mean those petty so-called 'flaws' like wine, women and song. When first Parameswara converted to Islam, that's when the problem first started. Imagine if the malays here were christians right in the beginning like the Filipinos who btw are of malay stock, how different the scenario be today.

      There is no need to 'shit' the chinese just because you a closet BN man. Please do come out of the little dark room....must be suffocating inside that dark smelly hole. Get some sunlight, will do you a lot of good.

    3. Sorry, it was Tunku who started this segeration of race. The one I really admire is Onn Jaafar. Tunku was the one who armtwisted MCA into subordination. MCA was not called eunuch for nothing. Tunku for once more or less instigated the melayus in singapura into numerous riots. Don't believe me ask Zairil.

      Tunku was better because he plays by certain rules. That's all

    4. looes, i dun have to ask anyone, onn jaafar ideal is not well received at that time, instead the people seem to appreciate segregation more, is what lky did truly diff with tunku? and we can also accuse lky for instigating the chinese here, and please, the mo btw umno n pap is two sides of the same coin, how could we have a breakthrough when we have chinese like u that keep on telling us how great is lky n pap (mahathir n umno ring a bell?). go to the rural n listen what umno tell the folks that msia will become spore if umno lose. n pray tell how many of them ever been to spore? and do u think they know that there r mosque n surau all over spore? i think we chinese must learn how to be sensitive and mindful with our language, and dont simply bark like that anon dog, which habitually stalking others like a sissy bitch.

  27. Kaytee,
    This clown is talking about you. Just stay in Aussie land


  28. Yes, the facts need to be made clear to all those Melayu Bandar who got hoodwinked into voting for DAP Chinese and their fellow traitors like Al Juburi, because they were mislead into thinking DAP Chinese fight corruption.

    DAP Chinese are the most treacherous people in the country.
    As someone else here put it well "Chinese are people who smile at you, and pat you on the back before they drive the dagger into your spine".
    Their trade is betrayal.

    1. "You sudah lupa the famous malays as described by RPK ?....how the malays would smile at you disarmingly and offer you one hand in welcome and the other hand held behind his back, holding his kris at the ready to plunge that crooked little knife into you.

      So, hehehe....DAP Chinese, according to some of you, drive the dagger into your spine. The malays will hold the kris behind his back and then plunge it into you once you are off guard. What happens to the indians? Turn into a snake and with just one bite....poochi lah you."

      The above are all the tit for tats racist rantings you guys are now indulging in....just giving you a sample. You guys are no better than the utusan, perkosa, pekida and the half the MPs sitting in Parliament wasting our taxpayers' money.

      Just Stop All These Race Baitings and Rantings.

    2. Anon 5:39 pm says: DAP Chinese are the most treacherous people in the country.
      As someone else here put it well "Chinese are people who smile at you, and pat you on the back before they drive the dagger into your spine". Their trade is betrayal.

      Oh, really? Then what about all those Malays themselves who warn darkly that the Nons had better not play politics with them because they, the Malays, are masters of the game and all those naïve Nons will be swallowed whole, like a python swallows its prey, before they even have an inkling of what's happening.

      No one race has a monopoly on treachery and rascally behaviour. Don't ever forget that.

  29. "Jesus Asked Judas to Betray Him"
    It is quite possible.
    By all accounts, Jesus was a superb politician. He understood the power of martyrdom.
    He wasn't thinking of his own life - he was thinking of the religion he founded.
    His dramatic imagery of his martyrdom would ensure his gospel would last for millenia...

  30. the fantasy of a chinese girl.

    i was at jb, asked a girl how is lks at ulu tiram, so so la, she said and carry on...but anwar is the best, his speech is inspiring and moving, n we sing negaraku in the end, this is the first time i feel very pride and affection towards our national anthem.

    i dun know if anwar a cheater or deceiver or actor, but he succeed on thing that others fail to achieve even after 55 long years.

    1. "Anwar is the best ".......Ooooo.....do wipe that drool coming out of your gaping mouth whenever your hero, true to his bollywood calling, starts rolling his rrrrrrr and wooing the birds down the trees, hahahaha. Feel 'very pride' when singing the negaraku eh ? Got your orgasm that evening ? Go get a proper life .....following and sniffing behind your hero backside will will shrink that pea sized brain even more.

    2. I don't expect a sissy pondan to appreciate the feeling of girl. Here one pondan exhibit exactly that.

  31. Zahid Hamidi says Migrate if you are not happy with election results.


    Hehe...I've already done that. My letter came through last week.
    I'll be moving to Adelaide, Australia soon.

  32. Now Ahmad Maslan asks Pakatan to stop sodomising Rakyat with tales of Popular Vote.


    Do you feel sodomised by PR ?.....hahahahahaha...

  33. http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/nik-nazmi-charged-over-kelana-jaya-rally-risks-disqualification-as-lawmaker/

    Ah so the arrests have started, so say the rule of law so clamoured by kaytee


    Just read la


    Wow, kaytee's wet dream comes true yet again


    Meanwhile I am wondering if DAP would get 4 exco members & 1 more speaker

  34. I believe kaytee would say that even Paul Low is more credible than Anwar Ibrahim. To Kaytee, Anwar must be mampus because he screwed kaytee sister cat once upon a time.

    Meanwhile, BN stoop so low as to cut electricity


    Just read up on the Battle of Crecy. How the engluh massacred the french? Through chivalry code


  35. We must express disapproval of a change of administration by way of force. If haris requirements this, let us die fighting surrounded by ourselves. Haris is invoking may 13 and so be it. Korong ajar haris. Fantasy Survivor