Monday, February 25, 2013

The missing man in the Altantuyaa story

I am very attracted to the FMT news article Deepak: PI Bala and I on the same team where Deepak aims, together with brave Perumal Balasubramaniam, to reveal the "truth” behind the 2006 murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu.

After all, they are the new G-Ds of "truth" as I had posted in Age of Gemini?

We gather the two new G-Ds of "truth" will team up like the Ashwini Kumaras who incidentally were doctors to other gods, and from that Hindu belief we may presume they could "doctor" stuff for a healthier life for other G-Ds. Marvellous.

But why leave the G-D team members at only two. More should be better where they could then be like the League of Super-Heroes.

If I'm not mistaken, what had led the world's most courageous private investigator into issuing his famous or notorious (take your pick) statutory declaration (SD), which,

... coincidentally during a period of allegations of sodomy, alleged Najib Razak did it to Altantuyaa in her behind with the late Mongolian expressing her delight at that (all according to Perumal Balasubramaniam's 1st SD), ...

... started in Fogles pub and then The Backyard pub in Sri Hartamas when Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu, Balasubramaniam, ASP Suresh, Puravalen (another lawyer) were having a few drinks and discussing the Altantuyaa case.

They were coincidentally joined by none other than Sivarasa Rasiah who coincidentally was/is a PKR MP.

Apparently after hearing what Balasubramaniam had to offer, ...

... regarding what he was informed by Razak Baginda who in turn was informed by Najib Razak who in turn was informed by Altantuyaa Shariibuu who in turn confessed she liked ‘getting it’ in her behind, ...

... Sivarasa (remember, he's coincidentally the PKR MP) 'suggested' that Balasubramaniam get ‘someone’ neutral to record everything down. What a wonderful suggestion!

And coincidentallythat neutral 'someone' was Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu.

In fact it had been Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu who assured us that he was nominated because he was coincidentally the one lawyer who did not have an agenda in this matter (presumably the Altantuuyaa case).

I recall Sivarasa was coincidentally(?) at the press conference when Balasubramnaiam revealed his 1st SD, sitting just beside Anwar Ibrahim who coincidentally was there to grace the press conference.

And if you are thinking of blaming Anwar or suggesting he had something to do with Balasubramniam's SD, please don't bother because coincidentally Malaysia's very civic-minded and a 'neutral' lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu had 'cleared' Anwar Ibrahim from that.

If I recall, it was on 26 Nov 2009 that we read Malaysiakini's PI's lawyer: 'Anwar not behind Bala tapes' which led me to post Bala's SD - Americk Sidhu clears Anwar Ibrahim from involvement.

Malaysia's very civic-minded Mr 'Neutral' asserted that:

“… Anwar had nothing to do with the release of the first SD except to deliver a speech prior to the press conference at the PKR headquarters last July. I have had no communication with Anwar at all, and neither has he or any PKR member tried to contact me.”

Americk Singh Sidhu: "Anwar had nothing to do with the release of the 1st SD"

Then, I was greatly comforted by Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer’s assertion, though I was somewhat puzzled, just a tad though, that despite having no communication with Anwar or any PKR member whatsoever (except of course for a coincidental encounter with Sivarasa Rasiah at ‘The Backyard’ pub and Anwar Ibrahim at the press conference) Mr Americk Singh Sidhu was able to further assert:

“… Many people think Anwar Ibrahim is behind all this. That is absolutely untrue. Anwar has no idea about this whole episode except what he may have read in the blogs and on Malaysiakini.” 

In my post I had commented that I was (coincidentally) in a somewhat similar position as Americk, sharing with him a status where I too coincidentally “…have had no communication with Anwar at all, and neither has he or any PKR member tried to contact me”, indeed wakakaka. 

Thus I too would definitely not accuse Anwar Ibrahim of being behind Balasubramaniam’s 1st SD ... Absolutely NOT! 

But precisely for that very reason, that I was and am not in communication with Anwar wakakaka, I wouldn't be able to claim whether Anwar was involved or not involved.

You're allowed 3 guesses as to who's the person on right
look at person, not what's on the board behind him

But strangely but most wonderfully (coincidentally?), Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu was able to, proving he must be a better man than most, especially me, dungu kaytee.

Coincidentally Incidentally Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer has also cleared Cecil Abraham from being the mysterious lawyer who drafted the 2nd SD.

UPDATE: as we currently know, Mr Americk Singh Sidhu has since reported to the Bar Council the alleged naughty involvement of Cecil Abraham in the drafting of Balasubramaniam's 2nd SD.

Gasp gulp omigosh ... does that mean Mr Americk Singh Sidhu could be wrong in the 1st instant ... no I can't believe that ... gasp gulp omigosh again.

While on the 2nd SD, Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu informed us that he "... was absolutely flabbergasted" by the 2nd SD, meaning he wasn't aware that Balasubramaniam was going to issue a second SD.

But then, if he didn't know Balasubramnaiam was going to make a 2nd SD, how could he (Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu) then know, let alone assure us that “… no one is paying Bala to recant in his 2nd SD” ...

… in exactly the same way as he had assured us Anwar had nothing to do with the release of the first SD despite him (Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer) having no communication whatsoever with our Great Leader or any PKR bloke (other than PKR MP Sivarasa Rasiah in 'The Backyard' pub), yet somehow knowing the non-involvement of Anwar. Coincidences?

UPDATEas we currently know, Mr Americk Singh Sidhu has since reported to the Bar Council the alleged naughty involvement of Cecil Abraham in the drafting of Balasubramaniam's 2nd SD ...

... who he had originally (also) assured us was not the lawyer behind the drafting of Balasubramnaian's 2nd SD, and had already cleared Cecil Abraham from that.

Though my uncle once told me I was a smart boy, I know I was not and still am not, thus don't blame me for being totally confused by the above. Maybe I just have to attribute those (what I perceive as contradictions) to pure coincidences.

Coincidentally Continuing (a bit dazed by now), I recall Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu pronounced that lawyer Arunapalam (who accompanied Perumal Balasubramaniam in releasing the 2nd SD) was not responsible for drafting that follow-up SD.

But Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu gob-smacked me with the reason for his assertion (of Arunalpalam not being the drafter of the 2nd SD), by stating: "We now know Arunalpalam didn't draft or prepare that second SD. Deepak has said so."

"Deepak said so!"
Gasp gulp omigosh, another coincidence?!

Of course not, not when you have it in clear unambiguous emphatic terms that "Deepak said so!"

The new G-D had thus spoken, and thus must be believed. Maybe in a previous incarnation, Deepak belonged to the 'noble' profession of lawyers?

Anyway, we arrive at the point I want to make on the League of Super-Heroes, the one hero who might be able to help clarify or enlighten us on the 'truth' behind the Altantuyaa case.

Lamentably until now, he has somehow slipped repetitively beneath the radar, mind you, through no fault of his but our negligence - no coincidence. Yes, I'm referring to none other than our dear Yang Berhormat Encik Sivarasa Rasiah (PKR).

Sivarasa has been coincidentally one of the common denominators in both SD's, the second case only indirectly by virtue of him acting as Mr Deepak's lawyer (a most noble profession).

Sivarasa and PKR people garlanding super-hero Balasubramaniam
on the latter's return to Malaysia to campaign for PKR

By leaving dear YB Sivarasa out of our League of Super-Heroes, we have missed out on the "truth" about the 2nd SD and how a courageous private investigator who spent months with Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer assessing the issues, reflecting on the impact and consequences, courageously going ahead to carefully draft a SD condemning one of Malaysia's most powerful politician and then, ...

... presumably after again assessing and knowing the risks involved, releasing such damning allegations against the (then) DPM, ...

... could, within a mere 24 hours, retract his allegations via a 2nd SD ..... because he suddenly became afraid?

One of the mysteries of the circumstances surrounding the SD's or just a series of coincidences?

Yes sir, we have been grossly remiss in not appealing to YB Sivarasa Rasiah (PKR MP) for more information, thus missing golden opportunities to probe deeper and more substantially into the circumstances surrounding the SD's.

We should rightfully have him enlighten us, right from the case's very Genesis in a Bangsar pub (initially Fogles, then The Backyard).

Malaysia's very civic minded lawyer, a very neutral person, has done his part, from helping Perumal Balasubramnaiam draft the 1st SD, to clearing Anwar Ibrahim from complicity in the SD, to clearing Cecil Abraham and Arunalpalam  (both belonging to the 'noble' profession) from being the drafter of the 2nd SD, introducing us to the true words of Deepak Jaikishan (a la "Deepak said so!"), and condemning Najib as being 'linked' to Bala's disappearance.

On that last point about Najib being linked to Bala's disappearance, that Balasubramaniam since his 2nd SD has been in and out of Malaysia on a number of occasions, and now appearing again in Malaysia to campaign (coincidentallyfor PKR must be coincidences.

Despite Najib being linked to Balasubramaniam's disappearance the super-hero has "re-appeared" to "thunderous applause" wakakaka to campaign for PKR

{Deepak, eat your heart out (at least for the moment)}

Take note of PKR MP YB Sivarasa Rasiah in welcoming party for the super-hero

Yes sir, we definitely need YB Sivarasa Rasiah to team up with Deepak Jaikishan and Perumal Balasubramaniam to reveal “the truth” behind the 2006 murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, and not just how the late model liked it when Najib went into her behind, ........ all supposedly according to what she told Najib who then told Razak Baginda who then told Balasubramaniam who then told us.

Of course if Malaysia's very civic-minded lawyer wants to offer his participation, we would enjoy a wonderful foursome possessing valuable information.

Maybe then a 3rd SD?

He's always around, hasn't he?
No, I'm not referring to Balasubramaniam


  1. Malaysia very own Bollywood still being play ?

  2. Ordering, Pressuring, Paying, Instigating, or otherwise influencing a person to cause him to kill another person is a very serious crime in this country.
    In fact if proven guilty, the penalty for the planner or instigator is the same as that for the direct perpetrator.

    To this day, I do not believe Unit Tindakan Khas Chief Inspector Azilah and Corporal Sirul, both members of (then) DPM Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak's protection squad (fact), acted on their own accord in murdering Altantuya.

    In fact Corporal Sirul was arrested and charged coming off a flight from London after he was ordered out of escort duties for Najib's UK visit at the time.

    Balasubramaniam, Deepak, Americk are all flawed individuals with dark corners in their character and in their past - their foibles are just sideshows to me.

    The central unresolved question is -

    Who gave the order ?

    1. We're engaging in speculations and worse, political speculations. Of course the popular insinuation (and at times, direct accusation) is that Najib gave the order to kill Altantuyaa.

      Now, what would be his motive? Did Altantuyaa harass him because he (Najib) was her lover? In which case why did Altantuyaa harass Razak Baginda instead?

      Was Altantuyaa the translator for the Scorpene purchase who knew too much? Why was even an outside like Altantuyaa made the translator for what was a confidential negotiation for an allegedly corrupt purchase? Weren't there any Malaysian (in UMNO or the MCS) who could translate French? Indeed, was there even a need for translation as the Scorpene people weren't without English speaking officers?

      Okay, my turn to speculate - Could the motive for Altantuyaa's murder be one of unplanned lust where the two police officers, told by (okay, say) Najib's office to remove her from Razak Baginda's house (as Najib's personal favour to Baginda) took things into their own hands and raped the pretty model and then murdered her? Remember Canny Ong's case?

      It would be mighty convenient for PKR if voters believe Najib or his wife (the alleged C4 vamp) to be a murderer. But it's a G.A.N campaign which stinks as badly as the Sodomy trials.

      And the purpose of this post is for you readers to (a) see the common PKR denominator underlying the two SDs which I suspect had been planned a package (otherwise how could a man who was brave enough to damn the DPM after months of careful assessment became frightened a mere 24 hours after release of the 1st SD?), (b) the presence and involvement of Sivarasa in the affair of the SDs and the two super-heroes, and who we have somehow failed to question, and (c) the reliability of the "information" provided by two super-heroes, Balasubramaniam and Deepak, heightened so as GE-13 approaches.

    2. Meanwhile, we still got 300 spartans sorry sulans holding up in Lahad Datu. Talking about sense or priorities

      Your lover boy RPK, talking in favouring of peaceful nego with the Spartans

    3. It's about politics in Sabah, and how NOT to offend the Bangsamoro-Sabahan voters.

    4. blah blah blah.. so why najis didnt got to sue deepak until today huh? maybe najis is part of man in their team also ?

    5. waiting for najis paid check huh?how many sen this time?10 or 50 sen? why dont you say you also involved so najis can pay you like 1RM per rubbish article..

    6. If Altantuya had been knifed or shot with a gun, her death being an unplanned outcome of a moment of lust or whatever may have been more believable. The C-4 or plastic explosives changes the whole story.

      One of our drinking buddies is a retired licensed civilian explosive operator - he was involved in building the North-South Expressway and rock-blasting construction projects overseas. He has never handled military plastic explosives, but knows the technology.

      Since it was reported no humanly recognizable remains was left of Altantuya's body, it would have taken at least 100 - 200 g of plastic explosives. In Malaysia, only the Military or the police have such explosives. These are kept in strictly controlled, locked stores.
      There are only two ways to get them - either being issued them, which requires official approval, or you slowly accummulate scraps from training exercises.

      The other problem is detonator caps. Plastics explosives by themselves are designed to be very stable material. You can cook them, burn them over a fire, and they will just burn slowly, without exploding. You need detonator caps to blow them up. They are what it takes to convert an inert putty-like plastic dough into a deadly weapon.

      Two problems. Detonator caps are strictly accounted for, every single piece. And they are very sensitive to shock and dangerous to carry around. Carrying one in your pocket can end up losing your legs or genitals, so nobody casually carries one walking around.

      My long winded way of saying - NO WAY Altantuya's death was an unplanned killing.

      I repeat - to this day, I DO NOT believe Chief Inspector Azilah and Corporal Sirul murdered Altantuya on their own decision.

      Who ordered them or paid them to do it ? I have to say I don't know.

  3. Aiya KT, military explosive usage and immigration record deletion cant be carried out by any Tom ,Dick and Harry, but only very senior people right?

    1. any soldier or paramilitary police with training can use C-4; any corrupt clerk in Immigration can erase records.

    2. You think C-4 can be obtained in the corner warung ?
      No, not any clerk can erase Immigration records.

      You are tying yourself up in knots trying to make this into an Opposition conspiracy.
      No doubt PKR is heavily involved in boiling and stirring the pot, but the toxic brew to start with was the creation of the perpetrators of the murder - both visible and invisible players.

    3. OK then, I concede to your argument that only the PM (Najib), DPM (then Najib), Home (cousin Hishamuddin) and Defence Minister (then Najib) themselves have access to C-4 and the button to erase immigration records. Happy? wakakaka

    4. if that is fake then why najis do nothing to deepak? do you thing thats fun if anyone sue you but you just pretend nothing happen?this is prove that you are one of those write rubbish article so bn will pay you even 50sen you will keep on write rubbish?kesian pada mak ko you are so cheap. 50 sen already can make you type rubbish.. najis : goood job!

    5. Cool it KT. You sound like what Penangites say "boh kam uan"

    6. correction to that - I'm "boh tai siow" as to "larng hor sai pun chnea sai",wakakaka

    7. I'm gonna be rich liow wakakaka

  4. why we have to indulge in all sort of conspiracy and speculation? simply bec the trust level toward anything the govt did or said is low, shall we not be critical toward the root cause rather than psychoanalyse this individual idiosyncrasies?

    i know many issues already been said n done so no need repeat as one uk blogger like to put it, however the impression i have is since the big crook ignore our quest and we cant do anything about it, mighw as well go to all this small crook and petty thing like bala and hannah yeoh, it make life more interesting i guess.

  5. the toothless fella12:54 pm, February 26, 2013

    Rats,mouse,mice and vermints as large as cats has come to roost like chickens.The cows have finally came home.Hehehe.

  6. 'Okay, my turn to speculate - Could the motive for Altantuyaa's murder be one of unplanned lust where the two police officers, told by (okay, say) Najib's office to remove her from Razak Baginda's house (as Najib's personal favour to Baginda) took things into their own hands and raped the pretty model and then murdered her? Remember Canny Ong's case?'

    Perhaps, as rightly pointed out - this is what really happened but political predators, actors and adventurers need to spin!

    The difference and truth remains that the accusers are not angels either by any yardstick or free of corrupt and malicious intentions!

    Jacob George.

  7. welcome back = selamat datang?

    very 'careless'

  8. Make the two policemen who were sentenced to death by hanging talk, and tell the truth as to who really told them to kill Altantuya, and who gave them the bomb. Was it Najib or his wife Rosmah's idea that Altantuya be blown to pieces so that the baby she was carrying which was Najib's will not be detected. Lawyers must go to the roots of the murder. Are the two policemen still alive!!!! ???

    1. when was the last time you beat your wife? wakakaka

  9. Naji is probably the best "Indian" PM Malaysia has ever had, dispensing money to Tamil schools like a walking ATM, opening up previously Bumi-only micro-loans to lower income Indians and the first PM to visit Batu Caves during Thaipusam.

    According to RPK 1.0 Naji and Rosmah are even Hindu by practice.

    It is ironic that he is facing so much trouble by two "Budak Itam".
    One UMNO guy angrily told me the Kelings (his words) really don't know the meaning of gratitude.

  10. The problem is....our PM is 'tongue tied'. By keeping silent, he himself allows for all sorts of shenanigans and rumours to flourish. See how he refuses to nip the buds of racists rantings from certain individuals and just keep mum on the seditious writings in certain media....and now these quaters became even bolder and more outrageous as GE approaches. The common people then came to conclusion that very likely this is exactly what our PM wanted....farming out these divisive campaign while keeping himself 'clean' or so he fondly thinks that by 'distancing' himself he would be absolving himself from any blame. This sort of thing will only work for those in the rural areas or even the semi urban areas who don't have the english language.

    Likewise for the murdered Mongolian case. He refuses to face the issue head on but instead contend to just swear on a 'holy' book that he is innocent. Any wonder why the opposition have a field day sniping at his heels, especially with the GE looming ahead ? So the public came to their own conclusion....that our PM would rather sweep the whole thing under the carpet and allow all sorts of rumours to swirl around him and his wife. Would someone innocent do that ? He has all the means in the world to take his accusers to court if he feels that his honour and integrity is at stake. Swearing on a book does not quite cut it.

  11. KTemoc,
    All you have are innuendos, insinuations and inferences, nothing concrete. However, the murder of Althantuya has more than circumstantial evidence of Najib's involvement.
    There is evidence that Najib spoke to Musa Hassan, with the possibility of the DPM applying pressure on the IGP, there is evidence that ASP Musa was involved, yet he wasn't called to be a witness, facts that were in Bala's statement that directly implicated by Najib was never brought up by the prosecution in court, both the accused had their faces covered in each time they arrived in court, which is a first in Malaysian court history, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. There are loads of inconsistencies and cover ups'. It is all there in the public domain.
    You say that "any soldier or paramilitary police with training can use C-4; any corrupt clerk in Immigration can erase records", I do hope you can provide some form of evidence of this. I beg to differ on your assertions, perhaps, "any soldier or paramilitary police with training CAN USE C-4", but the p;oint is, "not every soldier or paramilitary police CAN OBTAIN C4 explosives, unless it was obtained by someone very high up, and given to "any soldier or paramilitary police", and I dispute that "any corrupt clerk in Immigration can erase records". You mean any corrupt immigrationj clerk can access such info and delete it?
    What about the stamp that was on Althantuya's passport, that was obviously destroyed by the murderers? And if Althantuya wasn't in the country, she couldn't have been murdered, right? Well, then, shouldn't that issue be sorted out, before a murder charge was preferred on both the accused?
    So if a corrupt clerk can delete information, then, by extension he/she can also add on information. Right.
    So, in other words, as usual, I will have my passport stamped when I leave the country. Then, come back in, kill someone in Malaysia, go out again, wipe away the records that would have been there when I came in to do the killing and go out again, and come back to Malaysia again. The hotel reciepts are evidence that I have staying there anyway.
    Hooray, I have a perfect alibi. Sheesh, I could kill loads of people that way, can't I? All I need is "a few corrupt immigration clerks, right?
    When the DG of immigration himself has been charged for corruption, finding a few dozen corrupt immigration clerks would not be that difficult I am sure.
    Come on KTemoc, aren't you being, to borrow your phrase, "a tad" too silly? Well, more than sufficiently silly to look stupid really.
    You accuse your commentators of engaging in speculation, well, what do you think your article was all about, if not speculation.
    In the absence of hard questions being answered, people tend to speculate, you know that, perhaps you could answer these questions, including the ones' that Rocketman and others' have asked.
    You have to concentrate on the people that murdered, or ordered the murder of Althantuya, ask questions from Najib, ASP Musa, Musa Hassan, Gani Patail, Razak Baginda, etc., not Americk and Sivarasa, and not on those that are seeking the truth.
    You are intentianally, for reasons best known to yourself and best speculated by by, using diversionary tactics to steer people away from the truth.
    BN not paying you enough to spin? Or do you want a Datukship like Rocky, or sit on some insignificant committees' like Syed Akbar Ali?
    What is this all about then?

    1. Totally agree with the first part of your comment....there's way too much circumstantial evidence pointing to the great possibility of the existence of the true murderer/s behind the scene, so to speak. And it is truly galling the way the public were taken for fools by the way the authorities had so casually brushed aside all the valid unanswered questions and even blatantly pretending that such myriad circumstantial evidence do not exist at all. Up til today, no one came out to explain about the tampering of the dead Mongolian's passport.

      But to accuse this blogger of being in the same league as Rocky and that Outside The Box guy is more than a tad too silly. How come nobody asked KT how much he's being paid or wanting to be conferred a Datukship when he was brutally castigating/critical of the BN bunch and Dr Mahathir ? The problem with the majority of malaysians is that we want everything to be either black or white...either you are totally with with us or you are totally against us. So once you are with one side, for example, if we are PR supporters, we are not allowed to be critical of any actions taken by PR leaders or the leaders themselves ? Apa ni ? Isn't this worse than the communists ?

    2. wah, Anon, you actually "READ" all or at least most of my posts wakakaka, but good on you, matey, and thanks.

    3. Anonymous of 7:07 pm, February 26, 2013, I prefer money than datukship, can or not? wakakaka

    4. Anon,
      It's meaningless in debating with kaytee on this matter. Better focus on Lahad Datu incursion by Pinoys in Sabah

    5. aiyah my dearest looes, why so merajuk one ;-)

    6. ktemoc,
      Enjoy the show!

    7. My comment is in regards with this article that KT wrote, and not the earlier ones. I do admit that KT has been critical of BN/UMNO in the past. My criticism is based on the silly inferences that KT made, and all his accusations of Americk, Sivarasa, etc., are without facts or substance, and he was ignoring, and not asking the right questions. That to me was quite unlike KT, he is usually quite analytical.
      Being critical is one thing, but criticizing with no basis, and casting aspersions on people who are on the side of seeking the truth, is quite another. Well, I do assume KT is on the side of those seeking the truth.
      One doesn't have to be black or white, even then, there are bound to be different shades of grey anyway, but one must have an open mind.
      I commented on this article because I thought it was unfair, and yes, it did cross my mind that KT has crossed over to the other side, in fact I am still quite sure he has. I might change my mind after I have read later articles from KT, but this article, is surely from someone who, though he might not have crossed over yet, is probably trying to seek attention from BN/UMNO, and asking for a subtle invitation to join BN/UMNO bloggers.
      There are a million other questions and persons one can focus on, with regards to the Althantuya murder, and of those who are directly involved in the murder, prior to, and after the crime has been committed, but WHY focus on a few individuals who are seeking the truth, and make them seem of doubtful character, with questionable intentions?
      Only time will tell.

    8. Awwwhhh, by the way, I am NOT a PR or BN supporter, but am disgusted with the murder of a daughter/mother/pregnant woman. If it can happen to Althantuya, it can happen to our mothers/sisters/wives/daughters.
      I am disappointed with the likes of KT ignoring the murder itself, making statements like, "any soldier or paramilitary police with training can use C-4; any corrupt clerk in Immigration can erase records". Gosh, with that statement alone, KT has pronounced Najib, Razak Baginda, ASP Musa, Rosmah, etc., NOT GUILTY, in fact he is saying that all these people have been wrongly brought into the picture. he is saying that this is some low level crime, which people lower down the military and immigration ladder can carry out themselves.
      Perhaps KT is trying to say, "there is no way Najib, Razak Baginda, ASP Musa, Rosmah,etc. are involved. It is probably some office boy somewhere who murdered Althantuya, and got some low level military staff and clerk in the immigration to help him cover the murder.
      If not, why the need for KT to say, "any soldier or paramilitary police with training can use C-4; any corrupt clerk in Immigration can erase records".
      You might notice that KT has not addressed or answered my questions. Such people will usually, if they can't answer the hard questions, just say, "you are not so important that I need to answer you".
      I don't know, neither have I met Americk or Sivarasa, but I say, "Don't focus on these side shows, focus on those that knew that the murder was about to take place, and yet let it happen, those that gave the orders for the murder, those that murdered her, and why, and those that helped cover up the murder, up to this day".
      is that too much to ask or expect?

    9. Of course you are not, PR or BN, You're like a man who called himself a 'neutral' person but who eventually blamed or criticised Najib. I suppose anyone who blames Najib is a 'neutral' person wakakaka.

      And thanks for your creative extrapolation on my comment about C-4, wakakaka.

      Incidentally your comment "... focus on those that knew that the murder was about to take place, and yet let it happen, those that gave the orders for the murder ..." is, in teh absence of evidence, not unlike asking someone "when was the last time you beat your wife" wakakaka.

    10. and thanks for coming to my blog - though I'm a DAP supporter only for reason of its "cleanliness", I've always striven to be fair to all sides. I am not boasting, and you don't have to believe me wakakaka, but I'm confident I'm one of the few bloggers who are actually fair, wakakaka again.

      Okay, enough self praise (my head is getting bigger), wakakaka.

    11. KT,
      The words "neutral" is yours', not mine. I am NOT a politically inclined person. So, in your opinion, a neutral person must not ask questions from one side of the box, if he does, he is not a neutral, but taking sides" I don't see the logic or sense in that conclusion of yours' at all. Care for an explanation Sir?

      Again, you accused me of "blaming and criticizing Najib". This is what I said: "However, the murder of Althantuya has more than circumstantial evidence of Najib's involvement". Is that called "blaming or criticizing"? Just so that you know, it is called "observations" Sir. Please dispute my observatiions, if you can.
      And please do read my comments again, and again, if you must, I have never blamed or criticized Najib, I was only asking you, and the likes of you, "why all of you are NOT focusing on the murder of Althaytuya, but intent of using diversionary tactics to steer the public mind away from the facts, but focusing on the irrelevant antics of Deepak, Bala, Sivarasa, Americk. etc.".
      Is that too much for you to answer KT?

      I fail to understand why you describe my comment about C-4 as "creative extrapolatiion", my comment has nothing to do with extrapolating anything. I do suggest that you do look up Online Dictionary for it's proper meaning.

      Now please concentrate on addressing that, don't wipe it away under the carpet and use bombastic words that you do not fully understand, and hope that I too will not understand.

      I requested, "focus on those that knew that the murder was about to take place, and yet let it happen, those that gave the orders for the murder, those that murdered her, and why, and those that helped cover up the murder, up to this day".

      KT, isn't that what I was asking people to uncover? I wasn't the one who diverted the public's attention or wrote inferences about Americk and Sivarasa, you did. Aren't you the best person to answer this then? It's sad that you associate as first degree murder, probably ordered at the highest levels of Govt, with someone beating his wife, how pathetic. Even domestic violence incidents are not tolerated by today's society, and this is cold blooded murder that we are talking about, and you can still take it lightly, wonder what you would do, if it was your wife, mum, or daughter?

    12. Owwwhhh, I have always read your blog, indeed it's one of the few that I read, but have never commented until now, and I am surprised at this article that you wrote. It's quite unlike you. If I am not mistaken, even Marina Mahathir once said that she enjoyed reading your blog, one of the few that is analytical, I think she said.
      it's your choice to be DAP supporter, and if you support DAP for their "cleanliness", I think that it's your prerogative to think that.
      KT, I believe that you are fair to all sides, that is fair comment, and which is why I read your blog, but your credentials are suspect and questionable on this article, That is all I am saying.
      Happy blogging Sir. You can bet that I will read your blog again, but will not always comment.

    13. neither PR or BN implies 'neutral'.

      Please enumerate the circumstantial 'evidence' or okay lah, observations of Najib's involvement in the murder. I love to read them provided they are new and hopefully different from the PKR G.A.N's version

  12. "if that is fake then why najis do nothing to deepak?"

    a few possibilities.

    1) what deepak, bala said is truth. so better do nothing.

    2) what deepak, bala said is untruth, a smart fella would just ignore them, but somehow there is some smart alec, of course not ibrahim ali, would make a hearsay sd that someone told him bla bla bla, and later withdraw the bla bla bla sd but still act as if all r at fault except him.

    3) lack confidence toward our judiciary.

    i think is no 3.

  13. What about the sms exchange between Baginda's lawyer and Najib during the trial, and the decision of DPP not to appeal Baginda's acquittal by the court?

    Certain aspects of the Altantuya incident are worthy of the intrigues within the state apparatus in an X-files plot.

    And KT seems besides his usual self, getting worked-up with the comments here.

    1. here's what I blog on that sms exachnge between Najib and Razak Baginda's lawyer on 12 Oct 2008

      That's 4.5 years ago and I wish Najib would pay me as soon as possible or at least give me a Latuk-ship wakakaka (Hmmm, maybe he hasn't received my invoice, wakakaka)

  14. He knows whose balls to carry and of late nothing but PR.

    1. I learn balls-carrying from an old man who carried my balls by wanting to "protect" my blog, wakakaka. Sorry, I shouldn't wakakaka because I should be respectful as he has since died a horrible death

  15. KTemoc,

    So now you know how maniacal these PR people are to resort to taunting to shut you off when they run out of substances. Yet they talk about democracy, law and people rights – but completely bluntly violate all of these.

    So do your think they are a desirable alternative to BN that their calls for change are genuine or only empty rhetoric!

    1. don't mistake some anwaristas as representing PR people, wakakaka

  16. Hello KT

    I was taught in law school, if's there's a thing missing, there is no case to answer.Quashed.
    It will be a waste of court time.
    And I am not wasting my time to discuss Bala or Deepak whom I regard as nobody wanna be somebody.

    1. side issue - someone, probably a zombie corpse, has attempted to impersonate you - that pathetic pariah should remain dead ler, wakakaka

  17. Datuk Ktemoc....sounds good, ya ?

    1. Latuk Panglima Siliwangi, can or not?

    2. WA KA KA KA ! That's a real good one, KT ! latuk panglima siliwangi....LOL..... having a slight belly ache from too much lol....hahahaha.

  18. KT, your self-confidence of being " one of the few bloggers who are actually fair" is not misplaced.

    That's one of the main reasons why I frequent your site lah. So you are NOT boasting and I'm not ampu-ing you, ok ? wa ka ka ka. Fact is fact lah....hopefully those hell-bent with their one track viewpoint or those whose paranoia is working overtime will at least recognize this.

    Anyway, with "Bush-ism" very much alive and kicking in this tanah air of ours, you can bet more brickbats will come flying out from all directions, especially with the GE just round the corner. Things are coming to a boil now ! Let's get ready for more fireworks.....

  19. I like your writing but it seems leaning against the opposition only. Why don't you write about UMI HAFILDA and let us readers decide

    1. Few particular folks including anwar ibrahim

      You see his sister's cat was unfortunately molested back in Cherok Tok Kun....And so the saga continues

  20. Ayoh KT, my kepala very pusing after reading this. who is who? who's doing who (whom?) Ouch.
    And one got a hero's welcome? What did anay do? I can only say to PR folks: You are all welcome to these clowns.

  21. It is time to stop talking and establish "ALTUNYA ETHICS CENTRE" in Malaysia so that no more people get murdered by our beloved Polis or lied to by our 'honest' Leaders. The time to do this is NOW.

    Also the Sulu Sandiwara Award must be established to promote the writing of fiction (and yes, you cannot include the KTM time table in that category even if Keretapi Ta Mari).The only problem is to get find people with guts AND credibility to head these projects.


  22. Kaytee,
    Don't you think that Tunku Aziz just like me out to destroy so as to satisfy petty revenge

    Just to make you happy

  23. There is a strong suspicion, independent of whoever else may be highlighting the issue, that Altantuya's murder was linked to people at the HIGHEST levels of the Malaysian government.

    Some of the guys making a public issue of the suspicion may have bad body odour , but it doesn't change the fundamental concerns regarding who may have been involved in Altantuya's murder.

    1. well, I am prepared to agree with you on the basis of evidence and not just on GAN's syiok sendiri badmouthing.

  24. There should be a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Altantuya's murder.
    Takut kah ?

  25. The F.B.I. need to investigate on this matter and put the pepetrators on trial. Nothing is too late. While there is life... there is a chance for hope. Remember sinners.... what goes around comes around. Every dog has its day and your day will come.