Friday, October 21, 2011

Village memories (1)

In my previous post 'How abolishment of PPSMI will affect you, by masterwordsmith', one Anon commented:

"... Those teachers who tried to explain their maths and Science lessons using English more often than not would find their rural students blinking away like stars. It is a case of 'chicken and duck talk'.”

Coincidentally, I have just
Village memories (1) - ducks over at my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok.

It’s all about 'chicken and duck talk' wakakaka.

Have a look as there'll be more birds than just chooks and ducks, yup, the species of birds that kaytee loves wakakaka.


  1. Its the same when teachers try to do English lessons in rural schools. Its a totally alien language to them. Not only that, they have no interest, and don't see the point.

    There is a whole generation of semi-literate school children coming up.

    I'm afraid we are well down to the road to Zimbabwe-dom, with the full blessing of the Education Minister

  2. In the 70s we had teachers proficient in English teaching in Bahasa Malaysia. Today we have teachers who claim to be proficient in Bahasa Malaysia teaching in English.OMG

    Even if we get it right today it will take us at least another 30 years to reach the desired level in either Bahasa Malaysia or English. Please make a decision. If you want Bahasa to be the only medium of insrtuction, like in Korea and Japan where one language is the medium of instruction, so be it. Make English a compulsory second language. And this must be applied to all schools. We cannot have a system where the state is promoting Bahasa Malaysia schools and English medium schools. Even a novice politicians will tell you that that sends the wrong message to our One Malaysia Citizens.

    Finally, do not try to make a 50% profit by selling text books.I might as well add that we should send a team to UK to find out how they have made books cheaper with their Perpustakaan putting important books online. I understand that students can walk into them with an i pad and download a book, the older ones for free and the newer ones you pay a small fee of 25P. That my friends is what you call TRANSFORMATION in the way we educate our children.

    I can go on but I wil stop here lest someone calls me an old fool.

  3. aiya change to malay will be easier for the guru2 to cari makan till 60 ma !

    5-2=3 ( five push 2 is tree)
    CO2 ( car burn die outside)
    cikgu can i go tandas ( yes go your head)

    SIGHS !

  4. History Question. Who was the Commander of US forces in Vietnam? Answer General Waste More Land.

  5. Anon 3:58 PM
    Don't laugh - that is actually a valid technique for memorising essential facts. Linking the facts or names to humorous or ridiculous words or images. Its called a mnemonic.

    By the way...memorising is not a dirty word. Its an important part of everything else, just don't carry it too far and try to fully substitute it for understanding.