Sunday, September 18, 2011

Historical revisionism

I’ve been away for two weeks and what have I been catching up with when I come back to blogging?

Historical revisionism!

Historical revisionism may sometimes be okay but when it’s about distorting the truth to hide crimes, like what rightwing Japanese have been trying to do for years, then that would be termed Negationism.

Rightwing Japanese (politicians, members of conservative clubs, etc) have been busy rewriting history to show its brutal invasion and occupation of Asia (from Korea to Burma and downwards to Papua New Guinea) had been mere ‘advances’ at the invitation of the natives to help them from oppression, or that there were no such war crimes as Korean/Chinese/SE Asian ‘comfort women’ for its occupying troops, or that very few Chinese (mostly soldiers) were killed at Nanjing.

Another example of negationism is the Old Testament which was written mainly by Davidic supporters to suppress the real side of King David who was a ruthless murderer and assassin, adulterer, corrupt mercenary, etc, basically a scumbag.

Gary Greenberg, the President of the Biblical Archaeology Society of New York wrote a book titled ‘The Sins of King David’ to show how but for the grace of the existence of biblical records from different groups of priesthood we would be no wiser to the evils of David.

The New Testament is also another contrived writing, to serve the Roman Emperor Constantine better administer his empire, through his version of the Christian religion. One of its victims was Judah, Jesus most trusted and favourite disciple, who through revisionism became the most hated man in Christianity.

So, now in Malaysia, we have questions on whether Malaya (forget about Malaysia) was a British colony?

My question is: does that matter when there are so much issues demanding our attention, issues like rampant corruption, abuse of the law and other public institutions and the unmitigated unceasing unabated pilfering of the national coffers?

So don’t fall into the trap of becoming involved in arguing over useless topics which in fact were deliberately instigated to divert our attention from far greater ongoing crimes.

Post-note: Some years ago there was a move by certain quarters to revise history to show Kuala Lumpur was not developed through the efforts of Yap Ah Loy.

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  1. What have been written in history books are already history.Or else why are they written and published in history books for.We have many more important issues in corruption,educational,racial and religious,judiciary etc and etc.So why not talk about these important issues that can effect the good and bad of Malaysians,instead of arguing about history.

    History is a thing of the past,why not talk about the present.This is just a distraction from their failures to perform their duties and obligations to the people.The people should not pay heed to these animals barking at the moon,and just concentrate on sending them to pasture this coming GE13.