Monday, May 16, 2011

The destructive avarice of UMNO

No point in condemning Hishamuddin Hussein for his blatant double standards in handling demagogue Ibrahim Ali.

As Haris Ibrahim
reminded us, the double standard is already so obvious in Hishamuddin explicitly stating Ibrahim Ali is NOT an extremist but that some Chinese are.

Ibrahim Ali is merely a front man for UMNO, which has been why Hishamuddin won’t act; likewise in his kid gloves treatment of Utusan.

Ahmad Mustapha Hassan, who wrote ’The Unmaking of Malaysia’, and also a former general manager of state news agency Bernama as well as the press secretary to both former PM Tun Razak and then-DPM Dr Mahathir, lamented in The Malaysian Insider’s
A very dirty and very dangerous game that:

In sports games can be made dirty and sometimes fatal. But they only involve the players and nobody else. But in the case of politics when the game becomes dirty and dangerous, the country and the people will suffer. There are no gainers and even the perpetrators themselves will suffer.

Their aim is to destroy their opponents with no compunction as to what happens to the country. We have to beware of such political shenanigans.

The current coalition of parties in power especially the main player Umno is in a state of panic.

The length of time that they had been in power had made them flabby in their thinking and actions. They simply cannot comprehend that their actions and the actions of their cahoots are wrong and detrimental to the welfare of the people. Their blind support for the grave mistakes by their agents proves their inability to grasp the seriousness of these actions. They pass the blame on others for the blunders made by these agent provocateurs.

In his article, Ahmad Mustapha Hassan also explained why UMNO is petrified of the alliance of DAP and PAS, where more Malays have now lent their support to the Rocket. He explained how UMNO has unleashed its provocateurs like Utusan, Perkasa and Pembela to agitate against DAP and the Christians, to demonize the DAP in the eyes of the Malays.

This has led many to blame rightwing elements in UMNO for the recent unfounded accusations (sheer blatant lies) against Chinese, Christians and the imaginary Communist bogeymen.

But kaytee believes it depends on what they meant by ‘rightwing’ elements?

If they mean those UMNO members who are worried that Najib’s liberalization of economic policies won’t guarantee their ability to continue dipping their snouts into the trough, then I agree. But then, why not just call them rent seekers instead of adding a racial-political hue to those leeches, because in life behind their sandiwara politics, these bastards would be real pally-buddies with their rich Chinese towkays friends.

It’s not about religion, race or ideology. It’s about the economic gravy train. It’s all about the avarice of some UMNO bigwigs. They have been playing with fire to ensure their personal economic-financial interests are protected. They're prepared to set the country aflame to satisfy their greed.


  1. Dear Kaytee,Politically speaking you are very correct.No point in condemning " HISHAM " because, when you let a boy do a man's job eleven times out of ten times,he is going to loose his pants anyway.Abrahim Ali is just a one day old puppy compare to his master,a retired " CORRUPTED MASTER POLITICIAN " who is worth billions.This man although way past his twilight years,just refuses to fade away.He is trying to protect his family's interest I guessed.Even his crony an unknown Chinaman then, now a Datuk, is worth billions.Anybody can guessed correctly who they are.When this retired politician snapped,Najib and Hisham will wet their pants.That's how powerful this guy is.No wonder Abrahim Ali is the untouchable king of the ring.The people can see with their own eyes,how Abrahim Ali is taunting the authorities in their faces.The authorities seem so helpless because their hands are tied.The problem is big time corruption within our political system.By hook or by crook,these corrupted politicians must hang onto power.If the opposition came into power,although its a very longshot,these guys will be spending the rest of their honeymoon years in Kamunting.The crooks are scared thats why they are letting out the " RATS ".

  2. Read Ahmad Mustapha with caution.
    He is a nephew of Mahathir.
    He's got some personal issues with uncle.
    In fact Mahathir did mention the issue which let to the tiff in his memoir Doctor In The House.

  3. I came across this somewhere.
    Mighty good message to Ibrahim katak.


    It's fine to have one.
    It's fine to be proud of it.
    But please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around.
    And PLEASE don't try to shove it down my children's throats.

  4. Thieving bastards!Afterall most if not all,are of pirate ancestry!

  5. A country with 99% of Police and Army are malays holding Guns, rocket, tanks, jet plane, Banks....afraid of a few pastors praying for a christian PM.... ini Bukti Melayu UMNO sudah sesak jalan dan Lupa siapa Allah......Padan muka every step you take you have Fear of losing your Munafik Melayu Identity....Bila tak ada Maruah....Melayu UMNO yang curi hak istimewah ornag asli Patut di Hina Allah!!

  6. Don't fall into the traps of the corrupt and powerful - they want us to be racially biased or better still, racists - that way, they divide and rule us.

    So please exercise caution and moderation when condemning the corrupt wicked. They are in all shapes, sizes and hues, meaning they are Malays, Indians, Chinese etc.

  7. The bull dogs unleashed
    The scared tactics to the fore
    It is the black knight and his dark knights
    Sitting around the round table

    Each warlord has its own rats
    Unleashed it to the masses
    For the avarice lords of the ring
    The gravy golden train mustn't disappear

    The cards of race and religion
    Playing the good cop and bad cop routines
    Let the masses feel the bewilderment
    Let the masses feel the anguish of nothingness

    Yet the black knight and his dark knights
    They say soft approaches and slap on the wrists
    “Cool the heads reduce the temperature”'
    Let's us work together for peace and living free

    All the while they don't stop the bull dogs
    In the open defying the authority to boot
    They bark of race and religion...........
    Yet they don't think as Malaysians

    So much energy spending on issues
    The real governing floating in sleepless dreams
    As costs of goods and services skyrocketing
    The masses talk in stalls and coffee shops

    The sin of fear
    The sins of the party ruling leaders
    The heavy loads putting brake on their run
    Tilting backwards eyes of fear of tumbling down!

  8. kt,

    tell it to buttercup who loves to be buttered.

    these UMNO bastards are abetted by the Most Corrupted Association. Hurray, and they now threaten us if we dont vote these corrupts in, we will have no representation. representation for what? best, if they resign immediately to prove their sincerity, if there is any in the first place.

  9. The Mats in UMNO and the Chinks in the MCA/Gerakan both I have dealt with up-close. Frequently, I find the UMNO man easier to understand for he is no more than a greedy racist bigot. These Chinks on the other hand wants other Chinese to be UMNO dogs so that they can deliver the Chinese as offerings to their UMNO gods in return for goodies. The same can be said of the SUPP and the MIC. Unfortunately, most Indians have not been able to see their non-human status in front of UMNO.

  10. Dear Kaytee,While everyone is jumping on the bandwagon bashing Najib,Hisham,Big Dog,Abraham Ali and company,we missed out Mr.Nice Guy.Mr. Nice Guy is shadowy hypocrite Muyiddin.He is keeping so quite like a mouse,we might think that he is in exile in Zimbabwe.He has very good relations with an ex PM.He is like a hungry tiger waiting to pounce.Najib better start looking over his shoulders for the tiger,or else he might be gobbled up by this double faced fatso.

  11. sighs , dat son of ALI-baba again !

  12. A couple of early comments yesterday weren’t published for unknown reasons, but were registered in my email box. Here they are (unedited):

    At 6:37 PM, May 16, 2011, Anon posted Dear Kaytee,This barbaric creature called Abrahim Ali just can't stop sprewing incitious vernom whenever he opens his toady mouth.To add salt to injury our helpless PM and Home Minister are shivering through their spines,scared stiff of him.Why?Because his vernom is so poisonious or are they scarced of his master.Something's sure very wrong with the leadership,must be a structural problem.No wonder 'TOADY " thinks that he is the government of the day.

    Then at 8:19 PM, May 16, 2011, Anon posted: During White Minority Apartheid Rule in South Africa the ruling class always lived in fear. They introduced all kinds of laws to keep the whites and the blacks apart. Most sensitive was the sight of white women associating with black men. The White regime then also listed the extremeist christian groups to make chiristians an exclusive brand of people and to imbue in them thier supremacy over the blacks. Then came the laws that created seperate schools, seperate walk-ways, seperate palces of worship, seperate shops, seperate hotels seperate public transport and the list goes on. The white made themselves an exclusive group so that they could continue to rule South Africa forever.

  13. KT - the gravy train is one thing but there is also a real fear that the malays could lose control over the most developed parts of their country.....and umno has to use everything fair or foul to ensure that that does not happen.

    the chinese and now the chinese christians, are wealthy and have economic power.

    if they have political power as well, the malays will be marginalized in their own country.

    these are real fears which the chinese must address if a clash of some sort eventually is to be avoided


  14. The fears of the Malays of being economically marginalized are real but the nons do not wish to become the fall guy for UMNO's failings. You think those filthy rich UMNO bastards want a race riot. They have more to lose than anybody else if this country were to go to hell. Stand at any corner of the golden triangle in KL and tell me how many fancy and chauffeured cars are occupied by the nons both front and back.

  15. The double standards and inaction by the authorities suggests tacit acceptance and/or official malicious intent.

    Consider the Milgram study ( the possibly far reaching social implications (bearing in mind Bumi-non-malay's comments)are horrendous beyond words. Malaysia is in dire need of sanity to snuff out this tinder box swiftly.

  16. Jay, Malaysian Christians constitute only 9% (nine, NOT ninety) of the population. To turn Malaysia into a Christian nation, they must get through the opposition of 7% Hindus & Sikhs, 20% Buddhists before they can even reach the 60+% Muslims.

    The sinisterly fabricated nonsense of Christians about to turn Malaysia into a Christian nation has been intended to frighten the Malay Heartland and persuade them to back UMNO to prevent that lie.

    The real aim is of course to continue UMNO's hold on power and perpetuate its corruption. Mind you, this is not to say every UMNO person is corrupt, because we have been aware that the corruption lies mainly in its upper echelon.

    The danger is that some innocent naive people in the Heartland or UMNO could be so incensed by the lie that they might take matters into their own hands. This will destroy the nation socially, economically, financially and probably bring in a military dictatorship.

  17. Dear Kaytee,First we have Najib and Hisham coming out to defend Big Dog and Utusan.Now Nasri is coming out to defend Abrahim Ali for inciting hatred and calling for a jihad against the Christians.His silly excuse is because bloggers can comment and criticise,so can Abrahim Ali.But what this idiot Nasri did not understand is the tone of the language coming out of AI's mouth.Is calling for a crusade and bloodshed against a certain religion Abrahim Ali's right.This Nasri fellow must be born out from a donkey's butt.Nasri,is your boss Najib paying Apco seventy million ringgit to sit on your face? Such a moron,why pay such a huge sum of money to Apco if you dont make them work their ass off for you.Go back and learn from Dr. Mahathir how to be a politician,if you want to remain in politics.

  18. Nazri normally hentam Ibrahim Ali. That he is now defending Ibrahim is a sure sign of someone very very powerful leaning on Najib to back off from the Perkasa figurehead.

  19. Yes kaytee, it's Tun M.
    Don't ever belittle him.
    He's still ever powerful.

  20. Let's pray for Mahathir's recovery.
    He's now hospitalised for chest infection at IJN.

  21. siapa mau !? re4:29pm.

  22. interesting ! now the chinese are playing the victim game.cowards are cowards.

  23. who cares !!?? re9:59.

  24. 'interesting ! now the chinese are playing the victim game.cowards are cowards.'

    Hei Anon 10:57 PM, May 19, 2011:

    Your racist provocations did not work. Come the next GE let's see who is the coward.

  25. The chinese BASTARDS IN MCA/GERAKAN/SUPP are a shamreful lot. They are betrayal of chinese votes in every election .THEY ARE THE CHINKS of the honoured chinese society. In china, the mca/gerakan/ supp chinks will be beheaded for betrayal of the honourable chinese people. come GE13, vote them out and you will have 56 MPs in parliment. no point joining umno/bn as they are ALSO rotting now. PUT PERKASA IN JAIL AFTER PAKATAN GO TO PUTRAJAYA WITH PAKATAN AS THE GOVERMENT, IE DAP,PAS ,PKR, 1 BORNEO AND SARAWAK FREEDOM FIGHTERS FORMING FEDERAL GOMEN.

  26. hey stupid vinnan,chinese are cowards,if you don't like that,TOUGH!

  27. All governments that promote Apartheid type of policies live in fear-and the fear that their women may join the other side.

  28. Hei Anon 1:30 AM, May 25, 2011,

    "hey stupid vinnan,chinese are cowards,if you don't like that,TOUGH!:"

    You racist asshole is so brave you do not even dare to use a name. Typical UMNO/Perkosa asshole hiding when up to something bad. No police and armed forces skirt to hide behind this time so hide behind Anon label. What a piece of shit Puk'mamak coward.

  29. vennon, i think u must be an indian keling grumbling on chinese success . the chinese work hard do you. it takes two to tango. keling mmma balackie monkey.