Monday, June 15, 2009

Twitter-ing live from Parliament

I used to label the Dewan Rakyat as the Monkey House because of the simians within (one of whom, thank goodness, had left) – see my earlier posts Cyclops in Monkey House and MP's menstruation mesmerized motherless monkeys.

But now it seems it has become the House of Birds going a tweeting.

The Malaysian Insider reported that
While MPs shout, KJ and Kit Siang tweet.

Both Uncle Lim and leng chai SIL used the Twitter social networking site to publish live their views of what was going on inside the Monkey ooops I mean Bird House. Sounds like Jeff Ooi's lil' birds wakakaka.

I congratulate Uncle Lim for keeping abreast with technology but call me old-fashion if you like because I am not sure I support it - for 2 reasons, one, what was and will be twittered won't be an unbiased view, and two, I feel it’s not doing the reputation of the House any good (not that there’s much of its reputation left anyway).

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