Monday, May 04, 2009

Tamil Tigers mauled by Indian government?

Malaysiakini Headlines online: May 4, 2009 informed us that Tamil Nesan reported:

… five lorries were found carrying weapons in Kovai, India. It is believed that the weapons were sent by the Indian government to aid Sri Lanka’s war against the Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam.
That's not to be unexpected, bad news as it may be for the morale of Malaysian Tamils. Perhaps the Tamilnadu State government might be secretly sending arms to the Tigers but sure as hell, it won’t be the Indian (federal) government.

I also read in a World Sikh News article Tigers tamed? the following (extract):

Trapping the Tigers became one of the unwritten policies of the [Indian] Congress party. Around the same time the negotiations to find a solution to the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka stalled. There were frequent visits by Ranil Wickremasinghe, who was then Sri Lankan Prime Minister, to Delhi and at the same time the Indian armed forces chiefs paid regular visits to Colombo. The emergence of President Rajapaksa in the 2005 elections nailed the coffin to any political settlement of the ethnic dispute in Sri Lanka.

During 2005-2006, the collaboration between the Indian and Sri Lankan armed forces intensified. A large number of Sinhalese army officers attended intensive courses in the best military academies in India. The whole cost including pocket expenses for these officers were met by the Indian government. An attempt to sign a military pact by the two governments was scuttled only because of large scale protests in Tamil Nadu. That did not prevent India from supplying arms to the Sinhalese.

I have always thought the Tigers had been far too uncompromising and arrogant in a number of 'negotiations', believing they were on top. Indeed they were for many years with Colombo looking like incompetent fools, but obviously the tide has changed.

Apparently, apart from India, Iran, China, Pakistan have been pouring in money and arms. I am not sure about the USA and Saudi Arabia though I might have read somewhere that they were involved too, but alas, am unable to confirm.

One thing about the Tigers – many aren't aware that they were the ones who first developed and perfected the (suicide) human bomb, a deadly tactic adopted by militant Islamists.

If we care to recall, the Tamil Tigers killed PM Rajiv Gandhi, the man who never wanted to be PM of India but only an airline pilot, but died as one, a murdered PM!

Fate took an ugly cruel hand against Rajiv when Sanjay, his younger and more politically ambitious brother perished in an unnecessary aircrash (in a fatal aerobatics).

Sanjay was groomed by Indira Gandhi as a successor but with his untimely death, Rajiv was propelled into the hot seat and to his equally early death at the hands of a Tiger woman suicide bomber.

The people in Tamilnadu and the Tamil Diaspora (including those in Malaysia) have been outraged at what they see as the Indian government’s treacherous act of fratricide, but it's hardly likely the Congress Party-led Indian government would be sweet to the Tigers, 
bearing in mind Rajiv Gandhi's widow, Sonia, is the real power in Congress!


  1. Professor Ramasamy one of their supporters !

  2. Racist policies by Ceylon's Singhalese leaders in the 1960s led to the outbreak of rebellion by the LTTE. The forerunner of the NEP here

  3. KT

    Being an Indian, it is natural that the plights of the Sri Lankan Tamils had elicited sympathies from me.

    However, my stand is that we need to differentiate our sympathies between the Tamils in general and the terrorists of LTTE.

    There is a lot of myths being spread around on LTTE and their leader Prabakaran.

    There is a reason, a very good one at that, on why the Indian govt do not support the LTTE.

    The Indian govt had tried to play the peacemaker in Sri Lanka many years ago and they withdrew their soldiers after being fed up with the attitude of the LTTE. LTTE's assasination of Rajiv Gandhi certainly didn't help their cause.

    The corrupt actions of LTTE and their leader are well documented in the Indian press. Even in Tamil Nadu (where most Tamils reside in India), the feeling is mixed. Many people are aware of the duplicity and corruption of the LTTE. Of course there are politicians with ethnic agenda who are using the issue to pull votes in the Indian election.

    LTTE is actually being a liability to the Sri Lankan Tamils. While the Sri Lankan govt hardly the disciples of the Gandhian policy, the LTTE had adopted policies and strategies that proved to be so destructive to the Tamils.

    LTTE and Tamils had a very good opportunity to make peace but spurned their chances after chances. That's why international mediators have given up on them.

    Now, the only sensible choice is surrender. But yet again in order to preserve the LTTE's myth and his ego, Prabakaran is prolonging the war which is causing untold miseries to the Tamils.

    Prof Ramasamy is known LTTE supporter who had made many comments previously in support of them. His latest comments are highly irresponsible as he is now a senior govt official. I wonder what is Pakatan's stand on this statement.

    I think the whole media frenzy on the Tamil thing had been orchestrated by the overseas Tamils without an understanding of the situation on the ground.

    I believe the right approach is to get nuetral countries to deploy its military observors to ensure the safety of the civilians while the Sri Lankan army take on the LTTE. The problem here is that LTTE is using the civilians as human shields so they won't allow them to leave. So the Tamils who are so vocal about civilian deaths should also pressure the LTTE.

    Finally I wonder if DCM2 the Chief Office Boy 2 will welcome the LTTE rebels fleeing the war zone to the safety of Penang....mmmmmm...

  4. LTTE only became a International Terrorists Organization when President Bush gave them that name at the behest of the Sri Lankan government. Then the Sri Lankan Government adopted the Bush Doctrine of ' if you are not with me you are against me' Then all hell broke loose. The Sri Lankan government went on a war path on an issue that was only related to a fair opportunity to live in dignity.

    The US will support you when it is in their interest and allow you to shoot youself in the foot. Yes, the Sri Lankan Government has won the battle but it will take them 50 years to win the war.