Thursday, May 04, 2006

Religious Devotion of Malaysian Politicians

You know that old saying “All’s fair in love and war”? Poor ole KTemoc had suffered personal defeats of the heart in the battle for the favour of the fairer one. Competition was already daunting with those handsome, suave and articulately confident Adonis-es against yours pathetically, when those merciless bastards resorted to sabotage, subterfuge and smearing.

I have already shamefully confessed to one of my crushing defeats in Lustful Fantasy! But ignoring the ‘love’ aspect of that saying (and probably best for poor KTemoc), let’s look at the other, namely ‘war’.

And I am talking about war in politics. The prize in Malaysian politics is so attractive and undoubtedly immensely profitable that Malaysian politicians have even resorted to the supernatural to keep them in office or win top party posts. 

I posted this aspect yesterday in Doctor is in - by appointment only! where I discussed a Malaysiakini article which revealed that those occult-inclined politicians have not only been ambitious people from UMNO but also from PKR and PAS, engaging in a sort of War of the OTHER Worlds

I can understand PKR because it's just another 'branch' of UMNO, but how revealing to learn that PAS politicians have been taking extra 'insurance' as well.

The bomoh politik (shaman who specialises in political advantage for his politician clients) said that non-Malay politicians have also consulted him, and I did wonder who they could be – from MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP? I doubt it would be those prudish, prim and proper DAP. 

It seems that the typical politician-client would be so desperate that he would request of the bomoh politik, figuratively “Doktor, I must win at all cost” to which the witch doctor would take him at his word, literally!\

Sums of RM10,000 changed hands easily with undoubtedly ‘bonuses’ to follow, should a spell or talisman ‘work’ to the politician’s favour. And their search for ‘another worldly’ advantage is not only limitless in the financial considerations, but geographical as well. The politicians would go in search of spells and shamans as far as Thailand and Indonesia. 

I had mentioned in Return of the Red-Eyed Toyol that most SE Asian occult practices would have been influenced by the occult practices of Hinduism's Tantric branch that made its way to our region.

Tantric Hinduism had strong influence on Javanese and Balinese Hinduism and thus their occultism. Hinduism had also influenced Khmer, Thai and Burmese black magic. 

We live right on the cross roads of these ancient civilisations hence the Malaysian origin of the occult may be traced back to Tantric Hinduism too. 

Well, in Indonesia, one of the most popular destinations for consulting a bomoh is Asahan in Sumatera.

Some years ago there was a rumour that a member of the Malaysian royalty employed Sumateran black magic to keep her hubby under selective impotence – he couldn’t ‘rise to the occasion’ with any other woman. After she left for the happy hunting grounds, the widower demonstrated in no uncertain terms that he was ‘freed’ from her spell.

According to an Indonesian who runs a business in Kuala Lumpur, he took a few Malaysian politicians to visit a bomoh in Asahan just weeks before the UMNO elections in 2004. He was informed that the politicians needed the services of the bomoh as they were planing to contest for ‘high posts’. 

Bloke advised us to watch out for the ‘tours’ to Asahan by the UMNO politicians when the UMNO election or general election seasons starts. But it’s not just Asahan, because those UMNO blokes had gone as far as Surabaya and Pekalongan in Java for ‘consultations.

He said pointedly: “They are not worried about payment as long as they achieve their objectives.” 

We gather that bomohs in Indonesia have been more effective in political speciality and much cheaper compared to their Malaysian counterparts. 

Hmmm, in Malaysia there is a local ‘god’ currently out of gainful employment. I wonder whether I ought to recommend the 9th Emperor of the Kingdom of God to the politicians? He’s even more skilful than bomohs.

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