Thursday, April 24, 2014

Doctors in Kelantan may need a 'hand' or two

If you are a Muslim doctor working in Kelantan which could possibly have syariah laws including hudud as its sole legislative system, will you be prepared to carry out the Kelantan syariah courts' instructions to amputate arms, legs and even heads?

In Malaysiakini's Doctors balk at 'surgeon-assisted' hudud plan we are apprised of such a process in a report that the Kelantan government will order surgeons to conduct amputations of limbs if it succeeds in implementing hudud.

Tells you something, doesn't it, about PAS and its obsession for hudud with its chopping off of hands, feet and heads, and stoning people to death or flogging them kau kau.

And please don't talk cock about appeals in a syariah court because we have witnessed in the horrendous example of the Qatif girl (a shiite) appealing against her sentence of 90 lashings and 2 months' sentence for being a rape victim (yes, rape victim, not rapist) that the Saudi syariah court had not only dismissed such 'inconvenient appeals' but would also threaten the victim with increased punishments, like upping the lashings for her.

Such was, has been, is and will be the unquestionable nature of a theocratic court (Christian, Muslim, etc) which answers to no one, no appeal process, and is not subjected to the assured check and balance systems of a secular civil court.

The Qatif girl did eventually get away with the cruel, unjust and biased sentence ONLY because the USA stepped in. The Saudi monarch has to toe the line insofar as the USA is concerned because its survival (of the al Sabah dynasty) is solely dependent on the aegis of the USA and its military.

But if the Kelantan State government under PAS does eventually succeed in implementing hudud, then orthopedic surgeons will be most sought after ..... and f**k those brain surgeons or cardiac surgeons, etc - what bloody use would those latter two types of specialist be to hudud.

But rest assure those who belong to PAS, especially its ulama leaders, will be fairly safe ... for that has been the nature of power, politics and the priestly caste.

Mukhtaran Bibi (Mai) of Pakistan, a land ruled by syariah and hudud, was raped by 6 men. Though they were found guilty by a trial court (in the limelight of international scrutiny), subsequently the Lahore High Court supported by the Pakistani Supreme Court dismissed the guilty sentences against 5 of them with 1 having his death sentence downgraded to only life imprisonment (which would be as good as saying he could well be released after 10 years or so).

Bibi was continuously harassed by the authorities.

So much for Pakistani syariah rule and its code of hudud insofar as a low caste Pakistani woman was concerned.

The lesson from the cases of Bibi and the Qatif girl is that syariah law cum hudud had not guarantee justice or even fair play but au contraire, injustice, unjust prosecution and misuse of the laws by the authorities to threaten and bully victims and minorities, because absolute power means absolute corruption or absolute misuse.

So, dear doctors in Kelantan, what will you do when the day arrives for you where you receive such an amputation-by-hudud instruction or order?

And I wonder whether you will be punished if you refuse to conduct such an amputation ordered by the syariah court? 


  1. Actual case occured under Sharia law.

    A married woman who was raped and became pregnant as a result, reports the case.
    The defendant was found not guilty, due to the inability to obtain the standard of evidence required by Sharia.
    A teenage girl was the only witness to the incident, and other physical evidence was indisputable. However, there were no four Muslim men as witnesses, so case dismissed.
    Worst to come. Since there is now no rape case, and the woman got pregnant by a man who was not her husband - she is now tried for adultery, and found guilty.
    Punishment - to be Stoned.

  2. There are government doctors who were willing to certify cause of death as "water in the lungs" when the victim had clearly received severe physical injuries in police custody re: Kugan.

    I'm sure there will be compliant , nay, cooperative doctors who will carry out Hudud amputations and earn a fast track promotion.

    1. Have no fear....there are plenty of hudud-minded professionals like judges, engineers, doctors, lawyers etc in this country.....all wanting the best of both worlds...NEP special privileges in the earthly world and an eternal perpetually sunny place in the afterlife with their 72 virgins and the everflowing river of wine.

    2. what r they going to do with that # of virgin - playing chess ? & isnt alcoholic drink is forbidden in Islam?

      WHAT A CONTRADICTION to the nth power!!!!!!

    3. let's leave this line of comment here - other thoughts or comments are welcome

    4. Vent as much sarcasm as you want.
      Won't change the fact that hudud is going to be implemented soon!
      No choice, no escape !

    5. Anon 944
      Not an iota of contradiction to believers !
      Hudud is coming !
      Doesn;t matter if you like it or not !
      Nothing anybody can do to prevent it !

  3. Kaytee,have you forgetten about the posters on walls and lamp posts warning the public about the consequences about fear mongering after May 13,1969?

    Even the Hudud if implemented in Kelantan,will not have such barbaric punishments.The most is that crooks and the corrupted will have their fingernails pulled out.The aldulterers will have their pricks sliced off,but only at the tip.Hehe.

  4. Kaytee,
    The commitee of MH370 victims relatives & families have asked these questions.

    1. looes, this post is not the appropriate forum for such a comment but nonetheless I have allowed it because of likely public interest. The questions posed by the families of the missing passengers are legitimate and hopefully will be answered in an appropriate medium, namely in the report of an post-accident inquiry

  5. Under Hudud, Sodomy is punisheable by death.

    The ancient method was to have the perpetrator impaled to death by a wooden stake through the anus (sula).

    Hmmm...UMNO should suppport it...

  6. My PAS contacts tell me the intention is to implement "Hudud-lite" in Kelantan.
    Just bare-bones, no really severe punishments. Hudud in name only.

    Can we trust them ? Or like so many other Islamic enactments, we only find out years later just how heavy-handed they can be if and when authorities choose to impose the full letter of the law.

    Examples abound, like the "Allah" enactment in Selangor, passed so many years ago in 1988 but never previously used to interfere with Christian worship, the restrictions on public performances by-laws in Kedah, and the Alkitab ban in 1982.

  7. Hudud....what an ugly word.
    Pakatan will break up under the weight of the Hudud argument....all on its own initiative.

    BN just has to sit back, relax and enjoy its cup of coffee...

  8. I support Hudud if it applies only to Moslems. Why bother about what form of justice the Moslems want?

    Non-Moslems will be under the civil laws which is more humane.

    Can Buddhists ask for theeeir own laws?

    What about the other religions?

    Atheists will not be subjected to any religious laws so that's wonderful for them. Why begrudge atheists then?

  9. Malaysia negara berasaskan Islam.

    Faham tak ?

    ISLAM adalah agama persamaan dan keadilan. Tak usah takut dengan Hudud.

    1. keadilan? seperti yang dipengalami oleh simanis Sgia dari Qatif? wakakaka

      Seperti yang dipanegalami oleh seorang Kristen Indonesian di Pulau Pinang? wakakaka

    2. Hehehehe, that's why you are in aussie land........Hahahaha, didn't get a credit in melayu right? Izzit? Hahahaha

  10. Say No to Pakatan Rakyat5:45 pm, April 25, 2014

    I feel soiled and deceived by Pakatan Rakyat.
    If they were going to implement Hudud (and the other components just making minor noise) , they should have clearly laid it on the table in GE13.

    We would know how to consider our voting choice.

    Now , less than a year after the elections, PAS wants to ram it through, and the others lack the courage to really block it.

    Pordah !

  11. Once a few Muslim hands get chopped off under Hudud, it will very quickly become an issue that it is "unfair" that non-Muslim perpetrators can get away with much more "lenient" punishments.

    The first step will be if the victim is a Muslim, then the non-Muslim perpetrator will be tried and sentenced under Hudud laws.

    Don't believe it will happen ?
    Well, I never thought I would live to see Christians being arrested by JAIS merely for possessing Malay language Bibles.
    I had always assumed JAIS, JAWI etc. have no power over non-Muslims to practice their religion in peace. WRONG.

  12. When a Moslem enters the mosque, he will usually leaves his donkey outside.